Original SUPER Fruit; ron atchley Xango independent distributor;  XANGO, the Original Mangosteen Beverage
XANGO Juice captures the nutritional power of the mangosteen through a proprietary formula that purées the whole mangosteen: rind and pulp.
the original mangosteen beverage
safe for all ages
sweet, crisp and delicious flavor
the only whole-fruit formula
extensive quality control during formulation
simple, 100% money-back guarantee

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South Africa Compensation Plan Xango independent distributor Ron Atchley   - XANGO® Compensation Plan

The XANGO compensation plan provides a clear and simple road to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed. A full 50 percent of commissionable volume on each XANGO product sold goes straight back to commission payments. No tricks. No fuzzy math. No hidden changes to your earnings (breakage). Just wide-open opportunity and products that demand attention. View complete details of the compensation plan. There are four ways to earn commissions:

1. Retail Sales
Purchase product at wholesale prices, sell at retail and keep the profit.

2. PowerStart (Weekly)
PowerStart is paid on a distributor's initial sales order (up to 1,000PV) with volume that is placed within 30 days of sign-up. PowerStart is paid to the first two qualifying sponsors (see chart). PowerStart also compresses up to the next qualified distributor.

3. UniLevel (Monthly)
XANGO proudly pays 50% on all commissionable volume: 47% through nine compressed levels on all sales orders (excluding sales orders paid as PowerStart) to qualified distributors (see chart), and 3% to the Global Bonus Pool for qualifying Premiers and above.

4. Bonus Pools (Quarterly)
Qualifying Premiers and above participate in the Global Bonus Pool, sharing 3% of global sales each quarter.

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Buy Xango Juice South Africa;  ron atchley, Xango, independent distributor;  

Price:  R925.44 
Wholesale special!  R750
See how to get it for free!


Description:   One case contains four bottles. Each bottle contains 25 ounces (750 ml) of XANGO Juice. Two cases is the most popular choice.

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