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Good Morning everyone!!!!
I'am so sorry for the late arrival!
So, i'm half French, half Brazilian (Being late is a cultural thing in at list one of my countries)
Before doing business, I was studying music in Vienna, this experience gave me the opportunity to travel all over Europa, and in several other countries (as everyone i guess, I love traveling)
As for Business, I do always my best to do my internships and work with companies dealing with comodities, and working in between Bazil and Europa.
I had the chance to work with Suzano Paper and Pulp, and Dreyfus.
Now, it is my third Bachelor Year and i hope to do an MBA in Brazil.
that's mostly all!!

report week 1

Monday 14th: The students from oxford brookes met in wheatley campus and discussed how and when to do the Project. A whatsapp group was created and all the students who have been active and have supplied necessary information were added to it. A summary of minutes of the meeting was emailed to everyone who could not attend the meeting and within this email; students who have yet to be active were asked to join the google+ community Phase 1 and 2. It was decided in the meeting that the next meeting would be held on thursday to do the report.

Tuesday 15th: A shared google drive was created with all the documents in one place where everyone can see and edit the assignment. A task allotment for everyone was posted as well as a separate document for everyone to submit their research; as of this day there has only been 5 active members who have access to the shared google drive.

Wednesday 16th: It was decided that the meeting that was arranged to take place on thursday has to be postponed since the group members were confused about the task allotment and the dilemma of Alexandre not being active or taking up any task.

Thursday 17th: A suggestion was made by one of the group members to divide the group task again and due to lack of response from other members this could not take place. Yulia, Alexandr and Alexandre still remain inactive and have not chosen any of the available group tasks yet, nor have they joined Phase 2.

Friday 18th: The group was finally successful in adding Alexandre to the communication software, as he hadn't responded to the email that was sent out. Alexandr and Alexandre were added to the google drive when the required information were obtained from them. First, group meeting has been finalised as for now (Monday 21st nov 19.30hrs Gmt)

Sunday 20th: everyone has chosen the countries they want to research, only two students have completed their research on chosen country ( Ahdab and hakema). the rest of the group are on the process of doing their research.

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Hi everyone,
My name is Alex, I am from the Great Russian Empire;). I am very friendly and outgoing. I like different sport activities, going out with friends and so on. Now I am working distantly in a sphere of PR for Russian company which produces liquids for electronic cigarettes. I am interested in multicultural communication to learn something new about different countries.
Because I am planning to work for international company or set up my own company.

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Good evening guys!!
My name is Hakima, originally from Afghanistan but a UK citizen. Despite living with my family i am studying international business management at oxford Brookes. This is my last year of education and I am very excited for graduation!! (Who wouldn’t be?!)
I am an outgoing person who’s very interested in other cultures and languages. Currently I speak English (of course) Farsi, Dari (my mother tongue) Urdu and a little bit of Hindi. I am ambitious to have own business after graduation in the cosmetics industry however my main focus right now is to get the best education as I can. I am very excited about the trip to Dijon and cannot wait to meet everyone in person! I hope that we work well together in this project and become good friends rather than just group members!

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Hello there!
This is me, Ahdab (yes! A little difficult to pronounce) so call me Dabby :)
I’m originally from Saudi Arabia but currently living in UK and in my final year of completing my undergraduate degree in international business and management.

My interest for studying business came from ever since I started helping out in my family business. I enjoy doing media makeup and love to get involved into anything related to fashion industry, it is something I really enjoy doing as a hobby. I would love to pursue this as my career and turn my passion into profession by running a business of my own one day.

I am passionate about travelling and love to explore different cultures. I like to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone and experience different lifestyles and provide myself with sense of accomplishment.


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Hi Guys,
This is me randomly clicking pictures(like I always do ) at Khishean's house. I took this when he wasn't looking.

Anyway I'm Shiffani and I am studying International Business Management at Brookes. I am originally from India. I love socialising and meeting new people. I love learning new languages, I speak 6 languages and I'm learning Spanish at the moment....Amo Burros :P
I have always loved reading and dancing. I was actively involved in sports when i was at school, I was the sports captain too.

I can't think of any unique experience at the moment but hopefully ill get one after Dijon.

In future i want to be in a managerial position in a good company and I'm working toward it.

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 Hello, everyone
My name is Yulia and I am Russian. I came to BSB from Moscow to do a double degree. It's hard to speak about principle interests because I like to try everything new. But I do enjoy swimming and I was a captain of faculty's team last year. Basically, I do enjoy traveling a lot and getting known with different cultures.
As for an Interesting activities I am involved in, I should mention that I am Scuba diving instructor and every summer I work in Cyprus as well. Also I used to be a photographer on weddings and proms in Moscow.
I have started to work when I was 15 and tried different jobs as working on International Gaidar forum. But two last years I have been working as HR in Renault company in Moscow.
For the career goals, I want to set up my own business one day, but before that I need to study how the whole process goes and that's why I'm studying business right now.

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Please excuse the belly in the picture its just some delicious south east Asia food being dumped in. Apart from that the view of the island (Philippines) is breathtaking so I couldn't help myself from not posing for a pic. Travelling as always been my passion and I'm grateful that I have visited around 15 countries mostly being in Asian continent. Besides that, football is my life. I have been playing since the age of 7 and not planning to quit any time soon and one of the reason why I got sponsored to study abroad. Family business is where I see myself in 5-10 years time with abundance of knowledge and experience. My education background is rather interesting as I did Diploma in Aircraft engineering due to my craze in plane ever since I was 2yrs old and to pursue my further studies in business field has caught everyone by surprise but ultimately knowledge of any sort is invaluable. Its been a lengthy read so far but I hope it gave some sort of clarity in what sort of person I'm and looking forward for some fascinating read soon.


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This is me in my home office, buried (in reverse) away up in an attic. If I look out the window, the River Thames is only 50 metres away. If it's been raining heavily, it's about ten metres away!

You can see a few books behind me, but even more music (old-style). I also follow theatre a little. Apart from pretending to keep fit, I attend acting workshops some weeks, and learn French (badly) every Monday night - I speak it even worse.

My career has been in a mixture of accountancy, financial investigations, consultancy, and business schools, very often working quite internationally (which I enjoy ... a lot). I have probably reached the point where my goals are just to keep doing interesting work and meeting good people.

When asked about something unique, I usually mention my time in Texas, where a bullet passed nearby on my first night living there. It wasn't aimed for me (they had not known me long enough by that point), but it kind of made me realise I wasn't in Oxford anymore.

I am married (my wife works for clients mostly in Brussels, but does 90% of it virtually from her downstairs home office).

I also have a 20 year old son, currently studying at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, whilst studying Engineering Maths at Bristol University.
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