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You know what, I can't find the character limit anymore so let's just have our max be 10 cause I don't really care.

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Character Count 1

Name: Loralai (Lory for short)
Age: 16 yrs old
Gender: Female
Crush: none
Bio: She was always a wallflower (a loner, introvert, shy kid, etc) and she never had much money. She felt connected to the moon and loved astronomy and aliens (and still does) before it was "aesthetic." Anyway, she had very few friends and still doesn't have many. She started thinking that friends just cause drama and stress, so why bother? Until she met her first i n t e r n e t f r i e n d . Ever since then, she's been obsessed with the internet and basically trapped inside of a virtual world.
Likes: tumblr, the moon, astronomy, internet, pizza, 🌚<- this emoji
Dislikes: internet trolls, trans/homophobes
Personality: nice, shy, low key depressed


Zodiac: Cancer ♋️
Birthday: June 27, 2001
Popularity Scale: -1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Days Clean: 28 ✨
Sexuality: str8 m8

song: Addict With a Pen • Twenty One Pilots
color: olive=rosebud=drained blue
band: tøp... no.. p!atd... no.. wait... ugh

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RP time since I'm bored

very bored

((Open RP))
Cole walked through the crowds passing through to get to the lunchroom, all he could think about was going home and finally being free and being able to be alone, staring at the ceiling as he walked, until he crashed into a cat, he almost fell backwards onto the tile, he noticed he ran into Lola, seeing books and papers all over the floor "Oh my dog-I-I'm so sorry!" "Hey-Don't worry about it, it's fine." Lola responded, lowering to floor beginning to get her papers together "Here..Let me help." Cole lowered as well, getting the papers together, Valeera stared at Cole standing behind Lola
((+Wolf Dreamer AJ))

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{This is my first OC so here I go...}

"I am a dog that loves chocolate could it be any worse?"

Always taking chances
Chocolate, Toys
Energetic, Extrovert, Clumsy
Chance is a very daring canine. She loves taking chances, hence the name. She will even take chances of eating her favorite snack: Chocolate. She calls it, 'Sweet evil goodness'.

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Jainluke VS Allukey

wich ship will win!

JainaxLuke or AllyxLuke
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Luke rushed to Jaina's locker, he slipped a love note in her locker, when he heard Jaina coming, he ran away. He secretly watched Jaina

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Character Count: 6

Name: Sparkle Reed
Nickname: Spark
Last Name: Reed
Age: 16 in a half
Gender: Female
Crush: No One
Boyfriend: she does not want one yet
Sex: straight
Personality: a trickster, nice, prankster, kind
Likes: pranks, tricks, making fun of her brother (her brother is Luke)
Dislikes: stuff
Bio: nopeity nope nope

Jaina sat, with her notes to the side of her desk and the closed science book to the other side, Cole sat in the back of the class, writing notes down quickly "Now, you will be working in partners to make a poster with your blob family. You may name it whatever you please as long as it's appropriate, you and your partner will decide. I'll pull sticks to see who is partners with who." Mr. Loe said, he picked up a cup full of sticks with everyone's names, he began calling out names
((+Wolf Dreamer AJ))

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Signing these little LPS Again but differently :P

Character count: 2

Le Collie

*Basic Info*
First Name: Luke
Middle Name: Josh
Last Name: Reed
Gender: Male
Sex: Straight
Age: 15

*Personality + Likes/Dislikes*

Personality: Happy, funny, cool, and clever
Likes: friends, pranks, Ally, fun, and the ocean
Dislikes: Rainbows (dat weird kid), Bullies, mean peeps, Animal Abusers/abuse, and ex friends

NEW Crush: Jaina
Girlfriend: Doesn`t have one yet
Family Status: gud


Luke is the new kid at Windland High, so far he is enjoying it! He loves making new friends, and already has a crush on a certain cat at the school ((Hint hint, wink wink, its my other OC Ally)

le cat
*Basic Info*

First Name: Ally
Middle Name: Izzy
Last Name: Jones
Gender: Female
Sex: Straight
Age: 15

Likes Personality Dislikes

Likes: Funs, friends, cool people, family
Dislkes: Rainbows a bit, Pranks, Abuse, Meanies, Water
Personality: Fun, Happy, a fast runner, and Friendly


Crush: Luke
Boifriend: none
Family Status: Gud



Ally came to the school 3 weeks after Luke did, she met luke and is now best friends with him, sometimes Luke acts weird around her, but she doesn`t expect anything bad when that happen.
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Character Count: 3

Full Name: Jade Nikki Wright
First Name: Jade
Middle Name: Nikki
Last Name: Wright
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Crush: none
Boyfriend: none
Sex: Straight
Personality: cold, mean, a bully,
Likes: Bullying
Dislikes: nice girls, Ally, Luke, goodie goodies
Bio: ''Yeah, when pigs fly! And I'm not talking about them flying with a Jetpack on!!''
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