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Name : Hunan
Gender : Male
Age : 1 1/2 years
Pack : Pack of Shadows
Rank : Omega
Mate : Open
Pups : Open
Crush : Open
Bio : He was in a pack before this he doesn't remember much but hunters had come in and he was the only one left standing he wandered around for months until he came across the pack of shadows starving and scared they took him in but at a price he became the packs omega...
Personality : He puts up a wall so that if someone gets hurt it won't hurt him he's a jerk at times but his true self behind the wall is loyal loving and a all around goof-ball he struggles with the losing his family every minute he's in his new one
Swimming : 7/10
Stamina : 7/10
Speed : 8/10
Intellect : 9/10
Quick Thinking 4/10
Social Skills : 1/10
((Hope you liked it I am VERY serious about wolves being my favorite animal))

The contest is not a community pic, its a fight. But some help with the community pick would help!
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