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Even though this is kinda short's very well made...

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We all got issues.... We are all broken some way ...we have all bled ...but while your listening to this remember that you are never alone.... Luve ya weirdo's

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To the soldier in us all....
Remember who you are.

Good luck commander Shepard...
And God speed.

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The whole world is watching....
So what will you do....

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We all have darkness inside of us ...
But we also have at least one good thing that keeps the light inside of us lit ...

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My New Amv just went live moments ago! and I wanted to share it here!

did a little Fairy Tail Zero Anime music video with the feel of a training / motivational video with a little emotion behind it, I do hope I captured that as it is what I was going for!

Please check it out when you can! any feedback or just a view would be an honour!


#Magic #FairyTail #FairyTailZero #Anime #AMV #AnimeMusicVideo #MusicVideo #Shounen

Many thanks and best wishes to you all!

My Twitch Channel:
My YouTube Channel:
My Discord:

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Hey howdy hay guys and Gal's... It's me painkiller unknown...and painkiller unknown #2... I had to change phones and accounts if you know me please help me out by sending me a friend thing...

Hey guy let be more active ok have a great day bye

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Short video out today!
not my best work but wanted a memento to the people that still have a job to go to today!

Happy Holidays ONE AND ALL!

#MerryChristmas #MerryChristmasEveryone #AMV #Naruto #Shippūden #NarutoShippūden

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This is my favorite nightcore music it touced my heart and my soul
if you like please like it and subscribe and give me suggestions about song..........thank you
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