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anyone who is up wanna rp?

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It was a beautiful day as you woke up you were a regular guy who was pretty popular with girls you could probably get any girl you want. Most of your guy friends were jealous of you and were always trying to take the girls that had crushes on you, you weren't really into any of the girls that asked you out they were always the same snotty girls that couldn't take no for an answer to start getting these girls away from you. You started acting cold with every girl that tried asking you out making them want you even more you realized your act wasn't working and needed another way for girls to stop asking you out.

Your friend suggested you get a girlfriend that would make girls leave you alone and the guys stop trying to get in your way you at first thought it was stupid but decided you should try. You were invited to a mixer you had only heard about mixers from friends before but your supposed to meet girls there and then start dating you decided to go with them it was at a restaurant you have never heard of you wondered what the girls were like probably all the same you walked behind your friends looking at the girls there was one that stuck out to you she was eating doritos and had headphones on. When the girls introduced themselves she just told everybody her name was Jade and continued eating doritos she didn't seem to even try to talk to the other girls or even guys wasn't finding a boyfriend what your suppose to do at a mixer?

When her friends went to the bathroom she sat there listening to music you thought this was your chance to talk with her you sat down by her and tapped on her shoulder she took off her headphones and looked at you "You don't seem like you want to be here." She looked at you confused "Why would any girl want to be here?" Then another girl ran into the restaurant she walked over to Jade "Sorry I made you be a part of this since my club ran long" Jade got up from the chair and nodded you then realized Jade didn't come to be apart of this she was just holding another girls spot. This girl interested you she wasn't like any other girl you know you followed after her grabbing her arm before she could leave "Will you be my girlfriend?"

does anyone want to RP????

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We bear bears rp
Need panda (in human)
Name star
Nick name. Shooting star, star, sky
Age 18
Bio. Num num is my bf but he broke up with me
Speices: human
Power or magic : ice, snow tells no one
Hobby: singing, drawing, works at a coffee shop
Persnallity: nice, kind , can cry easily, sweet
Like: helping people, children , her work
Dislike: mean people

Starter: i was talking to num num infront of the coffee shop as he is in humam form we chat as he yelled at me " i hate you! Never come back to me!" He push me into the road as i have bruise on my legs but no one can see it as i wear pants and a tank top (you human panda) playing with your brothers at the basket ball across the coffee shop you saw me in the road as you...

Ill play as grizzy and ice bear

Boys only

Pic on profile

Sexual and romance mabye bothο»Ώ

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(inspired by The Giver)

In a hospital's maternity birthing ward laid a young woman in a bed. The society/community/government called her Mother 114. She had brought her fetus to full term and was ready to give birth. The government knows the sex of the baby or babies but this essential Surrogate Mother is unaware.

In this Society, a Birthing Mother has to have three pregnancies and has to do it in three consecutive years. After she has delivered three pregnancies, then she becomes a Laborer. This is Mother 114's first pregnancy.

Mother 114's legal name is Ellis. She is 5'4" tall, 124 lbs, is between the age of 17 and 24, has long blue hair and brown eyes. After Ellis gives birth, the baby will be whisked away to the Nurturing Center where newborns stay and are cared for by male and female Caretakers/Caregivers/Nurturers until the infant is placed in a Household Family Unit by the government.

Ellis was transported to this room a couple of hours ago when she reached forty weeks gestation. She is seated on the bed when you walk through the sliding door to the room wearing a white lab coat and blue scrubs.

"Who are you?" the young pregnant Birthing Mother asks you

he walked through the city. Hooded in a robe of black and white. His face lost in the darkness of the hood. He carried a cane as he limped with each step. Muttering under his breath. You see him as a defenseless old man, and offer to help

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Charlotte, an eighteen year old lesbian, is laying in a bed in the hospital's free clinic. It is a very busy day in the clinic where interns and junior residents were being supervised by senior residents.

You are a fourth year resident with an interest in obstetrics and gynecology (AKA OB-GYN). You are holding a tablet and walk over to treat me.
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