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Hi, my name is Viktor and I am an aspiring Dragon Age RPG GM, with little experience of being a GM and a, for me, new RPG system I wanted a safe place for GM's and players to talk about their experiences, adventures, house rules, etc., and as I could not find an open community for this i created this one instead.


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I realize most of these communities are either dead or dying, but in hopes to find like minded individuals who may appreciate a little fanfiction, I'm leaving this message.

Here is the description for the first story I'll be writing on Wattpad. Should anyone find interest in this, please let me know. ♡

Title: "Faded For Her"

"After the events of The Inquisition, Lavellan is left pleading with the Maker, Andraste and anyone else who might listen to allow her the one thing she's lost along the way. Her Vhenon. Her Solas, adrift in the fade on a journey towards destruction and rebirth. But will he inevitably allow himself to tear down that final veil, forever breaking the anchor that holds her still within his heart?"

(Next will be my story for Cullen. ♡)

(Also, as a side note, my name on Wattpad is Captain_Backfire should you like what you see thus far and also want to embark on this journey with me. ^^ If you add me, simply leave a comment on the bare bones of the story and let me know that you've come to read what I'll soon be starting. ♡)

Hi Im Dee, Im in the UK and would so love to play this game.

Do I have to keep using movement as a thing? I think distance and minor and major actions kinda add too much to the rules of a turn. So It's fine to ignore some rules right?

What did you think of the prewritten adventures, where they fun, or did your GM make a better one?

What do you think of the adventures in the rulebooks, would you have changed something if you got to run them again?

What Experiences have you had in the Dragon Age RPG, how do you feel about the AGE system and what adventures have you played?
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