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Name: Noel Drago

Age: 24

Gender: M

Race: Golden Dragon Slayer (he's a rare dragon slayer)

Rank: (No rank yet he never joined a guild before it will be his first time)

Magic: Gold Dragon Slayer Magic (He eats gold to get power he has gold on hand)

Personality: Hot headed, cocky, kind

Likes: play with his exceed Rina, Strawberry cake, fighting bad guys and curry

Dislikes: Seeing innocent people get hurt, bullies, seeing women, children and his exceed cry, pickled plums, spiders, rude people

Bio: Noel parents died when he was two some bandits killed them a dragon helps him. The dragon takes him in the dragons name was Tenzen. When he was 8 Tenzen trained him to be a dragon slayer. When he was 12 his dragon left him behind then only thing was there was a egg. A year later the egg hatched it was a baby exceed. The exceed talked to him she said hello to him he hugged her and cried after that he name her Rina. When he was 16 they went around world and did alot of things together. When he was 24 he learned alot of magic with his dragon slayer magic now he goes to the sabertooth guild to join.
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Name: Cameron Morgan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Magic Type: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic

Dragon: Chione (picture below)

Weapons: A Simple Sword That Can Easily Poison You In One Hit

Position: I Don't Know. Choose For Me Please!

Likes: Sweet Things, Kind People, Family, Friends

Dislikes: Sour Things, Her Enemies

Bio: Cameron was raised in a Celestial wizard's home. Her parents were Celestial Spirits and hated Cameron only because Cameron never payed attention to her lessons about the keys and more attention on a snowflake she would make. Her parents abused the celestial spirits and Cameron before one night she ran away to a forest far from her house and met Chione. On July 7th, X777 her dragon left. She later found an exceed named Ella. (Pic down below.) Cameron raised Ella as if she was her child and they would end up doing a guilds job with out knowing it. Only because the villagers would drag her into a building and tell her the problem and she couldn't say no. Cameron and Ella heard a rumor someone named Chione was in Mongolia visiting Fairy Tail. When she arrived all she found was a women with ice blue hair talking to an old man. Though it was not Chione, Cameron decided to stay in Mongolia for a while and that's where her story now begins.
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any one wanna rp

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Name-lily granger
Gender- Female
Personality-shy and quiet around people
Magic-snow/ice god slayer magic
Animal partner-snow leopard 
Dislikes- villains
Appearance- long wavy white hair with real white leopard ears,pail skin,and a blue coat, and under neath the coat is a white frilly dress 

Can I be Lucy Heartfillia?

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This is what I look like

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Every view is appreciated, so please check it out!! ^^

Name-Clara Phoenix
Gender- Female
Personality-shy and quiet around people she doesn't know, but loud and fun-loving when she is your friend
Magic-Fire, but mainly uses keys
Animal partner-Sage(Sagittarius), a small light blue and black baby dragon
Likes-friends, Sage, her keys
Dislikes- villains, bullies
Appearance- blue eyes, freckles, tan skin, reddish-brown hair

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2nd profile

Name: Yukio

Age: 15

Magic: Illuison magic, Ice/wind dragon slayer (3rd genaration), enchantment magic

Personality: Yukio is outgoing but has social anxiety but works through it, he tries to find happiness in everything but he can be cocky and arrogant he tries to give a fair fight and to love everyone but he has a love hate relationship with people he stays to himself a lot readinv books he's a little adhd sarcastic every chance he gets but loves a good fight

Guil mark: on his right side of his abdomen right side kind of like lecys instead of white with a orange out line its black with a turqouise out line

Any othe tatoos or scars: one one his for head covered by his hair, and one going down through his fairy tail symbol

Bio:  Not much to tell got tooken in by a dragon then it left about 7 years ago and I met Levy mcgarden and she took me to the guild and I left at age 6 because everyone was much stronger than me and today is my return I've been training with my dragon and I'm ready to prove everyone wrong  I taught myself my magic well not the dragon slayer until I place a lacrym in to become stronger as a dragon slayer

Class: A class
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