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Somehow FubuMVC 1.0 came and went and no one here celebrated it. Can't wait for 1.1 which is in the pipe.

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Hello guys, I ran "rake update" today to update fubu to latest and got this exception: 
"ERROR: System.InvalidOperationException: The shema version of 'Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener' is incompatible with version 1.5.21005.9019 of NuGet. Please upgrade NuGet to the latest version from ...."
Any chance to get ripple updated to nuget 2.2??

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Hmmm. We just may soon have Autofac support!

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Can we use this as the logo for the community?

So who is gonna sort out putting up the logo for this here community? Surely we can't be considered vanilla right? :)

I have merged the Razor changes into master. I haven't yet messed with Roslyn, but plan to soon.

You can get the latest from the private nuget feed.

Knocked out all the pending issues/pull requests from FubuValidation last night. When Jeremy gets his HTML Convention work done, I'll be tackling the "LoFi vs. Ajax" modes and building out the remote rule piece I've been talking about.

The latest is on the TC nuget feed.

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Quick question for folks on the documentation.  Check out this view from the new docs, but focus on the style of the markup:

I've been talking w/ +Robert Greyling this morning about ways to make the view markup cleaner when we're writing more documentation content.  My question is, do we want to mostly author the new FubuWorld documentation in a <markdown> element hosted within a Spark view, say Spark/Html is good enough, or look hard at Shade?

I guess there's no reason why it has to be standardized and I'll take whatever content comes in, but I'm still interested in your thoughts.  

I am setting up mild code generator to generate the skeleton of a "topic outline," and it would be nice to have reasonable defaults for the Spark views generated from that.


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