Dear friends who are working in or related to schools,
I am conducting a survey about Makerspaces in schools as a part of a research project at Zurich International School. It would be great if you can take a minute and fill out this survey for me. Thank you very much!

I've been under a tidal wave of work but am back and ready to go looking at assessment... Anyone up for critiquing some class work this week?

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Totem Spoons fifth grade and clay masks fourth grade. All work is planned on paper then transformed into 3-d objects, many choices and avenues for expression and creativity!
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This might add another kernel to get others hooked before they dive deep...
Some good tactics that would also apply in the classroom.

How to Explain Complex Ideas (Like Tech) to Those Who Don’t Understand - Lifehacker
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Who's up for a critique of some of the EL work to look at deeper learning through the arts?

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In working through my day today I've been thinking about what is really important in Art education... any ideas? Might it be about figuring out who we are as individuals and connection to intuition?

I am an elementary art teacher in rural Kentucky. I am excited to connect with other art teachers. My name is micki yonts and I teach k-5. Is this the group for me?

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Here's the web site of a group in Chicago called Mikva Challenge. Their web site says "They engage youth in "civic action projects that address local issues and advocate for policy change.  Students identify issues in their communities and learn about local government and the political process through research, analysis and the creation of action plans that tackle these issues.  Students involved in this program attend a Youth Activism Conference to gain essential advocacy skills and present their final action projects at our Annual Civics Fair.  "

To me this is a project based form of learning that engaged the creativity and communications skills of youth, and could be an arts/design program within many schools.  I'm sure others may already have youth engaged in work like this, so I hope others share links to their web sites.  I feel that in the future, MOOCs could be connecting youth from these programs in ways that they are learning from each other.

Hello! Thought this might be just the place to share what's going on in those creative spaces of art rooms over the globe. Feel free to join in, not only to share great practice, but also to think about how to make all learning visible through the Arts! Creative minds, Welcome!!
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