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I don't know if sending pie shots is good. We'll see today.

Also, Their are some commits to send to you guys also. And I know, staging server, I won't release just yet. I can wait till things are official.

What happened to mido oreo nightlys 😥

Would anyone happen to know if they'd make AOKP for the LG K20 Plus (T-Mobile)? Since it has an unlocked bootloader, recovery, etc.

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is this normal in the lenovo k5 plus aokp7.2.1?

rom to LG G2 D-805 download

Hi everyone, I've installed a few weeks ago aokp nougat on my phone (galaxy klte sm-g900f) all features works well but when i played 360 degree videos with youtube app it doesn't work properly. I explain it better.
basically you can look left or right 360degree with lagging and even goes up or down, but it works if I select vr mode.
With android 6.0.1 last ufficial release it works good

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Hello, today I just discovered that there is an update to 8.1 for Lenovo K5 (I was looking forward to it) I would like to know if it is already stable and if it is advisable to update with a dirty flash. I hope you can help me and thank you!

This rom I have for this cheapo phone is absolutely terrible as it wrecks my battery and my signal. Any tutorials that can teach me how to build my own linux (android, AOKP, lineageOS, etc) for my cell phone and what things are hardware specific and where I can cut and paste and switch out stuff that I can hack apart my android and other android OSes and build my own?

This is truly what I need and want to do with Android any help appreciated :D
As well any softwares like AndroidStudio (tutorials) or Eclipse that can aid in me modifying my OS? General knowledge on Android OS ?

Lastly is the bone dry Android OS available in git or anywhere open source like?? Cheers :D:D

Hi Guys,

The build for potter is not available after August build. But there are logs every week regarding builds failed.
Just wanna know if the device is dropped or its something else.
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