Hello, I still use nougat, but I'm having a small problem sending video through WhatsApp, there is an error message stating that the process has not been done, and asks to restart the phone, but it does not solve the problem.
This is not a complaint, just a remark, the rom is great.

I use the Surnia cell phone. Thank you!

AOKP Support Signature Spoofing?

I have two devices Vibe k5 a6020l32, when I installed Rom on both devices, something unusual happened ... the two got the same MAC address thus generating the same IP number. In other words, it had IP conflicts that prevented the devices from operating on the same wifi network ...
you can correct this error by using third-party applications. But I leave here my feedback for improvement in the next updates. Good Luck and congratulations on the excellent work.

Hi, everyone.
I'm ASUS ZE551ML (Z00A) user. Yes, x86.
Now I use NutOS (Nougat) dev will be stop.

I found aokpxfer.
How about dev for this mobile?
still keep?

Hi everyone I'm new here. I have a moto g4 until now used with lineage 14 custom rom, that work good but can't detect the headphone when pluged in and have random reboot, very few, but sometimes happened. Someone can tell me if AOKP rom (nougat) have any issue about headphone or reboot? Also what's the battery life with AOKP? Any info or shared experience with this rom or the same phone will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Any feature in particular that you all want to add?

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I don't know if sending pie shots is good. We'll see today.

Also, Their are some commits to send to you guys also. And I know, staging server, I won't release just yet. I can wait till things are official.

What happened to mido oreo nightlys 😥

Would anyone happen to know if they'd make AOKP for the LG K20 Plus (T-Mobile)? Since it has an unlocked bootloader, recovery, etc.

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is this normal in the lenovo k5 plus aokp7.2.1?
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