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Disa Version 0.9.9 (316) - Production

• Improved Disa's foreground service.
• Implemented notification to enable Disa in Protected Apps for Huawei phones.
• Implemented Disa automatically enabling a foreground service for OxygenOS due to a watchdog killing it.

Download Link:

Quero instalar telegram no disa

Is there currently a problem downloading MMS?
I came over it while I tested sending and receiving mms with another friend how has problem with his phone. So I sent myself one. Sending worked but downloading not. There was a message I received one and can download it but it never finished it; it stops after a few seconds.
So I deleted it.

Alguém pode me ensinar como ver as conversas pq eu Racker o watsapp do meu namorado mas só aparece grupos e mensagens vazia quero ver as convesa 


I need a plugain for FB massenger

Hi, anyone can help me? Why does my whatsapp profile picture always look little bit blur in disa? I use version 0.9.9. Thanks. 

Hi, I'm not sure if this is just me, but if I'm in a group conversation, several messages will often come through, before I can get around to responding (for example, if I am driving).

The notification will only show the text of the first message that came through. I think it would be more useful if the notification updated to show the most recent message that is in the chat. That way I could keep an eye on the conversation without opening the app.

Other than this and a web client (which I understand is in the works!) Disa perfectly combines all of my messaging apps into one 

Thanks you

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