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Hello Community

This message is addressed to anyone who has helped translate Disa in the past. We have added new strings on our translation hub at OneSky which we need to get translated in time for the next major release of Disa.

The new strings are in 3 projects:
- Core App
- Core App Forms
- Telegram Service

Whether you can only spare a few minutes to translate a few phrases or you've got lots of spare time you'd like to put to good use we would be most grateful. Thank you.

Translate Disa:

Disa Team

Desde la última actualización no se ve la hora de conexión de ninguno de mis contactos.

O dia tá falhando muito não vejo quem está conectado comigo

I can't seem to get connected to Telegram this morning. I believe it's because one of their servers, is down, but others such as are up. Why is the plugin not falling back to other servers?

I'm not sure if ti was mention anywhere but every time I force close home, Disa shuts down too. It took me a while to figure out that the Disa icon disappeared. Anyone else with the same problem? It could be my OS of course but force closing Chome doesn't affect any other apps. My phone is Xiaomi 4X MIUI 9.5.4, Android 7.1.2

Push notifications keep popping up after I swipe them away. "Repeat notifications" in settings is OFF. Someone will message me, I'll get their push notification and swipe it away. If I don't go into disa and read their message, another notification (in my status bar - not push) will appear after a couple minutes. If I go into the pull down menu and swipe that notification away, the process will just repeat. I'm on a moto G4.

Iam unable to send SMS to multiple contacts. After sending of sms in conversation appear red "failed". Some years ago when Iam using it it works. My actual operator doesnt support sending of MMS it can be reason for this problem ?

There Will Be a plugin update of WhatsApp? because recently there is no and it is late.

The people we used whatsapp we can see out the possibility

I appreciate you attention

Wann kommt die iOS Version?
Hab Disa auf meinem Android immer benutzt. Hab jetzt ein iPhone und muss drauf verzichten.
Warte schon sehnsüchtig auf den Release 😃

SIP SIMPLE (RFC6914 -- SMS over SIP -- i.e. for use with VOIP providers) would be a very useful protocol to add.
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