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" Myth is a total imaginative narration
of a person, event, or thing
that deals with the traditional aspects of life
with out an iota of truth
or historical background
to some!

But to few others
myth is something
that basically deals and explains
the natural phenomenon
of the origin of universe
of human experiences
of human beliefs
and even events
of ancient times
with a strong historical element
as it's backdrop."

Praachee once again displayed the video and explained-

" I strongly believe
myths might have originated
from the bitter experiences
of mankind...
based on the real facts
of his own life experiences.

Imagine ...
the ancient mankind
witnessing a shooting star or
witnessing a thunderbolt
that might have had been visible
just for a fraction of a second
leaving him to
emotional hazards
and utter confusion!
Imagine how he might have narrated them
to others!
He might have exaggerated the real fact!
He might have imagined them to be 'real beings'
that may harm him.
He might have undergone
a tremendous amount of
mental agony, anxiety, utter confusion..
and tried to explain
what all he had seen..
what all he had experienced
altogether in a very
different way .. with different different expressions..
which ultimately took the shape of

When we come to know about them
or when we get to read about them
we will be filled with wonder..
we begin to wonder
whether they were real incidents
whether they were the real facts
or just imaginative outburst
of their emotional hazards
as demons giants and what not!!!

But tell me one thing..
Don't we get to see
very strange looking beings..
insects or creepers
all of a sudden
on a rainy night
or a foggy misty morning!

We have heard about dinosaurs
We have heard about anacondas..
The same way..
they too might have had seen
one eyed Cyclopes on their fore heads
hundred armed and headed Hecatoncheires
Which got extinct now!

If we imagine such things or events now and
if we begin to talk about them..
it becomes a myth!
It's all that simple!!


© AcharyaUshaLavanya

(Will be continued)

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© AcharyaUshaLavanya



There were rhythmic pounding
on the desks ..
and vigorous clapping followed.
Praachee raised her hand
gesturing 'Stop! Stop!',
looked at her left wrist ..

"I'm afraid we have very little time..
We have to conclude and
concentrate on the main topic!"

Noise slowly got controlled
and Praachee continued -

"To be very brief ..
There was only Chaos that existed...
in the beginning.
From Chaos Gaea took shape
And alone she created Uranus, the Heaven or sky.
Then pairing with Uranus
gave birth to Titans ..(Uranides)

They are ...



Them is.

The descendants of Titans, namely Lapetionides are-

Selene and

All the male Titan gods accepted their siblings
as their consorts...
Kronus took Rhea as his queen
and ruled over the universe
by dethroning his father, Uranus;

Mankind was created
In this Golden age of titans.
They had six children,
who later called as Olympian gods.

They are-

Hestia and Zeus.

But, Chronus too proved
corrupt and tyrant..
kept swallowing them
with the fear of losing power
and dethroned by his own children....


What ever it is...
in Ancient Greek religion
Zeus, Poseidon, Hera,
Demeter, Athena, Ares,
Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemes,
Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hestia/Dionysus ...
were considered as
the twelve major gods and goddesses!

They were considered as
superior to all.
They are known as Superhuman beings.
They are the spirits worshipped by humans...
as they have the power
over entire nature and
human life and fortune!!!"

She paused a while and said ...

"This is all about the history
of Greek Mythology!

"We have to Analise now
to establish it's relevance
to human life the present.."

She looked at the speakers first
and then at her watch!

All were waiting silently...

She started again....

" You might have heard Marx, saying
'Contradiction is the mode of existence'.
In other words,
conflict or struggle
between individuals or societies
is the 'key' to progress and development.
Power alone is the driving force.
The force or strength determines
who keeps the power to rule..

So, survival of the fittest ..
as we say now
was there at the emergence of the universe itself!!!

'Fight..dethrone ... and rule!'
was the motto!!!

Here the forces are personified aspects of
human instincts, feelings or emotions
can be identified as human beings,
but called as gods..
as they were considered as immortals..
which makes us easily understand
the universe and the creation as such.

If we conclude now...

The relationships between gods and their consorts were troubled.

Women, when angry, rebelled and helped their children to dethrone
their husbands.

Thus, they mistreated their own children.

Not only Gaea-Uranus
but also Rhea-Chronus..
did the same with their offsprings.

And. ....
ZEUS, god of all gods,
mightiest of all Olympians,
husband of HERA,
like any normal male
was unfaithful and fiddled with other women..
cheated, molested and even said to have raped
his female partner..
and was even unkind and inhumane
in treating her!

Here, Hera too revolted against him,Zeus,
Here, Hera too mistreated and abused her children!!!"

She stopped for a while and was about to continue ..

But ...then....the bell rang ... for lunch break!

Still they all sat motionless
and even speechless.

Praachee concluded ...
"There is no scope for further discussion
There is no need for any further clarification..
We have done with it!
I mean ..
We have discussed ..debated about..
' Parenthood and the upbringing of children' .


There was a loud applause of "Yes M'aam! Thank you M'aam!"

All started leaving the gallery..
One student came running to the dias saying,
'M'aam, just a minute'
took the mike which she was to put off
and said ...

" And the moral is ...
Be amicable and sincere to all
and never try to 'use' ....
your siblings or your offsprings
to gain your personal goals.
Never abuse us of misuse !!!
Never mistreat us !!!


(Preface for Praachee concluded)
(Will be continued)


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( © Achaya Usha Lavanya )

There was a huge ruffled noise of whispers.
Praachee allowed them
to discuss among themselves
for a long time..
meanwhile ..
referred to the material
readily available on internet.

This time
students of all the three groups
came forward picking up
the messed up cords...

The same episode was repeated
with the next generation too, yes!!?

We have learnt about 'raktha beejali'
from our myths...
like the giants were born
out of the blood that fell on Gaea
when Chronus killed his father,
And again Zeus of Olympians
waged a war against Titan king, Chronus
for the throne...and killed him
as Geae herself prophesied.

That far it was OK!
But they were all myths..
what way they are related
to our present day life!?

How can we establish
correlation between
myths of ancient times
and historical facts
of the ancient times
and even of the immediate past?!!

This was the gist of doubts
expressed in the form of questions
by different different student.
one after the other.

( Will be continued )




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"You might be thinking
I got deviated...
I'm not!
We were discussing about
'Parenthood and upbringing of children'."

She looked at the speakers
which were kept atop,
as if intended to answer the queries posed
by Mrs Dharani.

She continued later with a triumphant look

"Gaea was considered
as ancestral mother to all life!
She was famously known as
Mother of Titans,
the first race of primordial deities ..

In fact she gave birth to
Cyclopes, the one eyed gaints-
Brontes, the thunderers;
Steropes, the lightning;
Agres, the bright;

And hundred handed Hecatoncheires
And Titans too
As their brothers.

Uranus, afraid of the prophecy
of getting killed by his children
hated them right from their birth.
He swallowed some,
He had punished some by sending them to Tartarus,
And ... and ... and ...
He even tried to
push them back
into the womb of Gaea
leaving her writhing
with pain and agony..!"

There was a furious out cry of
'Oh my god!' echoing
around the gallery.

"Uranus thus proved
a very wicked and cruel
father and husband..
Where as Gaea
a vigilant mother!
May be..
that was the reason
she became famous
as a woman of
'Patience and forgiveness'!"

(Will be continued )

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(©acharyaushalavanya )

"Oh!!! Really! An 'Almighty Personality' then?!!"

Praachee could sense the air of sarcasm ..
May be .. she had a hidden intention of snubbing her.
That's the reason for interfering ...

' Woman!!!! ', she said to herself silently.

And .. she didn't hesitate to make herself deliberate now.

"I am not not sure! I'm not sure Madam..
But the race of gods is considered superior
to human race!

But ...
If you have ever tried to go through books
of Greek Mythology ..
ever tried one at least ..
you will find they are worse than us!!!
Their envious nature
Their jealousies
selfish attitudes
and fighting over petty things
ridiculing and snubbing each other
just to prove their supremacy ...

They were not noble like
how we thought them to be
in any respect.."

Praachee could not help
from being sarcastic!!

She paused for just a fraction of a second
and continued

"I am displaying few slides now
Just to get a clear pic of Gaea...
The first one is a family tree
Second one tells
how Pontus and Tartarus emerged,
and the third one shows
that Gaea was put to
a lot of torture and discomfort!"

Praachee waited for her student's reaction.
They looked damn serious.
She continued.

"Pontus was Sea God...
God of all sea life
and even unexpected sea storms
high waves and strong currents
of water ...
and even believed caused Earthquakes...
at the bottom of the sea.
Tartarus represented
an evil pit below the Earth
putting all to 'hellish' sufferings.

Gaea, being ancestral mother
to all life of land and water
was the direct victim
of all struggles and storms.
She could endure
and emerge victorious
as she was strong and vicious too."

She showed the pictures of Pontus.
She showed the pictures of Tartarus.

( Will be continued )

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"Thank you, Madam,
You bestowed an opportunity
upon me...
" I'm grateful to all
for being so enthusiastic
about it all.."

Praachee began to explain-

" Gaia or Gaea as she was called
was 'The Mother of Earth'
was 'The Mother of Nature'.

"As it was told
it was Chaos that existed in the beginning
origin not known..
and Earth originated from
that matter itself
and Ounas, the sky or the cosmos too.

" It was believed ...
The Gaia was the embodiment of all life
who presided over Earth
that was not created but procreated!!!

" In that way
Gaia was considered
as embodiment of 'Abundant Energy'
that had controlling power over the entire life!

" Thus, she is personified form
of all conscious life as such
with a capacity of
'life-giving and nurturing aspects.
Thus, she represents divinity.
She represents the abundant resources
of Nature.
She represents the gibundant energy
to maintain the 'Survival of all on Earth'
She echoes thankfulness
of all living souls.
She stands for luck,
She stands for appreciation,
She stands for 'oneness' above all!!!

Like oceans are one with their waves
The tree of Universe is one with it's roots!

That is Gaea is the embodiment
of the concept of
'Unity in Diversity'!!!"

( Will be continued shortly )


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"M'aam! I'm not sure ..
about what all we heard
was digested by all,
but I am sure
most of the characters 'n mentalities
do occur in our present society too...

If time permits ..
I want to get certain things straight ..!

We learnt Chaos, the Void was the first one
that exited .. if I'm correct.

Chaos must exist as sentient aspect
even now!?

" So, who is Chaos, exactly?!!"

Shanthi, who is known as good orator,
among PG students
posed a question.

Praachee felt very happy
with the interest expressed.
She readily answered-

" You know the word 'chaos'
and it's meaning too!
At the beginning of the creation
the human race might have faced
a chaotic state of existence.

That state of existence..
is nothing but confusion!!!

Chaos thus is the personified form
of utter confusion
of uncertainty or dilemma..
Altogether Chaos is a state of
' Utter Carelessness!!!'
if I may say so!

The present generation
is utterly confused and
is utterly careless, yes?!!!"

( Will be continued )


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"Who was GAIA?!!"

To her surprise,
it was Mrs. Dharani,
Dean of Vikram Group of Educational Institution's voice
that interfered now, echoing through speakers, asking-

"In Hindu culture we say,
'karyeshu daasi, karaneshu manthri,
bhojyeshu mata, sayaneshu Rambha ..
blab ... blab ... blab..
and then .. we highlight..

'Kshamaya Dharithri' !!!

Woman is considered
as the embodiment of 'kshama',
that is, 'forgiveness' !!?

"But here in Greek Mythology
she was a woman of 'no confusion'.
That far it's OK..
but it was said
she was 'a woman of war'!!!?

"Should we agree to it?!!"

All the students
started looking at each other
with amusement filled eyes
exchanging excitement ..

Prachhe was sure
that entire episode of womanhood
that may be discussed ..
may go above their heads.
Still she thanked herself
for taking the opportunity
to present the idea of her
'Ideal Woman'!!!

(Will be continued )

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In fact the primordial deities
are immortal
They can not be killed
They continue to exist
as sentient aspects
of the universe itself...
with sensory perception
possessing the capacity to feel
the pain and pleasure of life!

(Will be continued)


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Praachee looked at her watch again.

"Now, my question is very simple..
Can we consider women ofGreek Mythology
as symbols of Feminism!?

They were strong and self determined..
They seem to be questioning the male domination..
They enjoyed the power or quality to decide over
any controversy 'n put an end to all with a decisive impulse..
But, was it Feminism or Femismo?!!

I feel Marxist theory
is to be followed and applied ..
to call it feminism,
where we find class struggle -
men being haves and women have nots
fighting for their right
over what they produce!

Sheer narration of woman's agonies
can never answer the zeal of a femismo fighter.

how do you justify the behavior
of Greek Mythological women
compared to modern or ultra modern women..?

And .. regarding their children..!?

Do you consider it
as 'single parenting..'
though it was not ..
in any case!??

What would be the repercussions?!!

It is your turn now!

What do you think about
'Parenthood : Upbringing of children'?"

Prachee concluded.

There was pin drop silence to begin with
Continued with a mild clapping sound
At one corner ..
And then ... it was a thunderous applause!!!

(Will be continued)

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