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Students have been able again to start login off there student account within chrome on there Chromebook and log in with a personal gmail account has google changed something?

We already have:

Blocked on the url blocking but that doesn't seem to work anymore

We are running version 61 Chrome OS.


Is it possible to have live messaging service or announcement system on Chromebooks enrolled in a school domain?

My school is looking for a bulletin board solution for messaging to students building wide that is more dynamic than occasional messaging via Chromebook background images.

Anyone have any experience setting anything like this up?


Hello All,

I need some help we want to block Google+ for all our students, however in the google console we have disabled Google+ for their OU and black listed on the student OU but they can still view google plus. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on?

Thanks in advanced

Chrome Gopher alternatives?

Our district is huge and unfortunately has a very strict purchasing process. I’ve identified that I want and need the Chrome Gopher for assistance with managing chrome device OUs and moving them easily. We reached out to Amplified IT and they said they are the sold source, and unfortunately we cannot purchase their product in this way.

I’ve been asked to find 2 competitors so that we go start an RFP process so that I can purchase something. Anyone have any ideas I can give our purchasing department?

I seem to be striking out with my search ability today..(is it time for lunch yet?)

Is there a way to view a list of all of the add-ons/extensions a specific user has installed in Chrome?

I've got a specific student that is getting an abnormal "start" page when she first logs into a Chromebook. Since we have a policy pushed that already defines the start page (and disallows changing it) I'm trying to track down how this happened, how to fix it, and how to prevent it.

A little puzzled here... students on their Chormebooks get their bookmarks and extension in Chrome fine, however, extensions are not loading in Chrome on some Windows machines. Bookmarks load, but no extensions. Any ideas where to start looking? Thanks!

Is there a way to restrict access and allow users to view only specific websites based on a device? We have a situation where we want to put a few Chromebooks in a specific OU and restrict anyone that logs onto those Chomebooks access to specific websites.

Help! I feel like I'm missing something obvious here..

I'm trying to set the default page that loads with Chrome.
I can see where I set "Homepage" and I can see where I set "Pages to load on Startup" - and both of those settings seem to do what they say. I click on the "home" icon, I go to the URL specified. And when the Chromebook first starts up, Chrome opens up the "Pages to load on startup" URL. Ok, that makes sense.

But I'm trying to set it so that a page ALWAYS opens when you first launch Chrome. Not just when you first startup the device or when you click Home.

So if I startup Chrome and then close it - the next time I open Chrome on the device I get the "New Tab" page rather than the page I want. I'm not seeing where to change this behaviour. How do I ditch the "new tab" page and instead get a more relevant URL set?
It seems the "Startup page " setting literally only applies ONE time (upon device initial boot) rather than each time you "startup" Chrome (which is how it would make more sense to me..)

Is there any way to make a managed Chromebook log out after a certain period of time? I have a special needs Kinder who gets to use a Chromebook as a reward, but the teachers/aides would like it to log out after a certain period of time without them having to wrestle it away from him to log it out.

I have looked thru user and devices settings, and can't see anything obvious there. I hope I'm just missing it.

Can anyone offer help using the console to manage iPad inventory? We have about 45 and I need to be able to manage them for loss prevention. I’m struggling. Got the certificate registered but don’t understand how the devices will be seen on the console? Apple ID?
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