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SSO issue with Neverware Chromium Version 60.2.77

Beginning last week we've gotten reports of users not being able to log on to devices running Chromium. When they try, the screen goes black and then takes them back to the sign in screen. Their account image then has an orange triangle next to it. We use Office 365 SSO with our Google accounts.

Sharing in case some has a similar issue. This problem was affecting devices running Neverware version 60.2.77. The solution for us was to update the device. The latest version (60.2.93) does not have the issue. If no other account will work, The cached "owner" should still be able to logon to update the device.

I have a custom wallpaper in the student OU for the CBs. It still says "locally applied" though. Is there a way to force this and not allow the user to apply a change?

Has anyone experienced a student chromebook having the "Browse as guest" option visible on their device even though it the option is turned off for the entire OU that this device is in.

Since we believe the student has been using guest mode and not logging in to his school account, his device has also not communicated with the admin console since January. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Maybe I'm missing something in the deprovisioning process, but do I not get licenses back from deprovisioned devices? We are cycling out old devices and keeping them for parts, so I'm deprovisioning them. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a standard Google thing?

Dumb question, thanks for your help!

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This device is missing, based on this screenshot, was it on on 11/10 just no one signed in or has it not been on since 10/26?


I'd like to find an App to mirror a chrome book to a Windows desktop. Any one have a good solution for this?

Some schools are having chromebooks that have not synced in a few months. Even though they connect to the network and can login the Last Synch date is not updating. We believe this explains some policies not taking affect. Is powerwash and reenroll the best option?

What Chromebook would you recommend for middle school students? We currently have HP. We are seeing an increase in system board repairs after 1 year of use.

Chromebook Usage Report? Not User Usage.
I want to see how often Chromebooks are being used in each classroom so that we, as a school, can maximize usage of these devices, since we are not a one to one campus yet.

I have 2 Chromebases that I have some configuration questions on.

1) I have one setup in our teacher's lounge as a kiosk. I set it up so it would not go to sleep, however I don't want to leave the monitor active 24/7. Thoughts on the ideal setup?

2) I started noticing when Chromebases go to sleep now they display a no signal error. If you touch the Chrome button on the monitor it wakes it up fine. These never did this before, is there a way to stop this behavior and have just the monitor/kb wake it up?
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