Does anyone know of a way to merge multiple Google Calendars into one Google Calendar? We are moving our sites to a new solution (used to use Google Sites). The new service integrates with Google Calendar but I can only associate 1 calendar per school.

I know I can export/import events from the other calendars but was hoping for something that could be used down the road without making these calendars be in just one calendar.

has anyone got any suggested apps to record and edit video with chromebooks? Thanks

Anyonee who knows when templates Will be available in New G Sites?

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Does anyone know why when we are signed into the Chrome browser we still get the restricted error message for Youtube? I have verified the settings for YouTube and the Admin console (Screenshots below). Google Support has been no help, they say it is due to the network, which it cannot be, when we signout of the Chrome Browser or use Firefox while logged into our domain accounts we can view the videos.

We appreciate any ideas you would have.
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I am trying to get Android Apps to work on the New Acer Spin 11's (Which are on the list of chromebooks that can use apps) I have gone through all the hoops, but I still can't get the Google Play Store or Apps on these machines. I know that I am missing a setting somewhere...can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Chrome Sign Builder Issues...

Hello Everyone, I have just recently purchased 3 ASUS Chromebits for our 3 TV's at our Jr. High and I am trying to setup the chromebits with Googles Chrome Sign Builder.

I have been watching the video from Cloudbakers as shown below. The video is older but still is very informative.

My problem is I am the Super Admin, and I do not want to give the Principal or anyone else the Super Admin setup, because apparently that user is the only one who can edit the Chromebit Kiosk app properly. Think I said that right?

Anyway, so I went with the Google Slides option. I created some template slides, saved them did all I needed to to get them into the schedule and also shared them with the people at the school who would be updating them, however when I plug the chromebit in and it looks like it will launch it, the device is asking me to sign in to be able to access Google Slides?

Is there a way to get this to work with Slides without signin? I wanted this to auto update as well as they changed them around, so this is why the shared slideshow....

I need to get these out in the building and hit this road block...anyone else have these setup and how did you do it? Or did you find a way for slides to work without sign in that update when they are changed?

Thanks for reading this and hope it is in the right place and I await any responses so I can get this done and another thing off my check list for the week...

Has anyone observed any odd behavior from Google Forms lately? I have a teacher reporting that when students move to the next section of a Form, some are randomly "kicked out" of the form and have to restart their entire test/quiz over again. I suspect there may be something else going on, but I was curious to see if anyone else has had this issue.

Does anyone know a way to block on specific student in an OU from emailing certain addresses? I know how to restrict the entire OU, but we need to block one student from emailing 3 other users.

I feel a disturbance in the force...

Drive acting up for anyone else?
Can't open or create files. Listing files seems fine.

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In addition to losing the option to Take a snapshot, the new Search the web option in slides does not default to copyright friendly images like the old feature.

I know that there are good sites for free copyright friendly images and how to change the search settings for Google Images to only show copyright friendly images. For K and primary students, using outside sites takes more time and creates more frustration than the old method.
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