Has anyone else had issues with adding and removing users from the Groups section in the User Profile? It's super handy but I had a few users who didn't get added to groups and some who weren't removed. It appears to be somewhat random right now. It only came to light because I'm syncing Google Classrooms to groups in GAM and noticed kids who I know I suspended & removed from the grade level group in that manner were still listed (as suspended but still in the group).
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Not sure who is aware of these site. These sites give great incite. It gives a lot of details on Chromes releases and the other is about chrome releases to device models.


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Just deployed ChromeOS version 69 to my personal Chromebook.

Presto: Night Light mode.

We have a couple students whose behaviour warrants the penalty box setup. Do you have a list of educational sites (necessary sites) that you whitelist for your penalty box so students can get to the sites needed. TIA

We are looking to minimize the number of Super Admins as well as beter organize our admin users. Would anyone be willing to share there Google Admin Role structure with explanation of any custom privileges? Are there any best practices for education environments?

Google Forms within Public Session

Does anyone know if it's possible if you could setup a Google Form within a Public Session that will automatically put the form back at the beginning after submission instead of the next person having to select "submit another response"? This is really just a small issue, but would be nice to see if it will go back to submit another response so no one has to manually.

A number of my students, including my test account, are frequently getting a message "You have no marketplace apps" when they try to access.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a definitive fix?

Also, is it possible to generate a URL for our marketplace apps so they don't have to go through the waffle grid every time?

Has anyone found a way to block kids from viewing the source code of webpages? We have kids going in during a Kahoot game and turning on the KahootBot extenstion which effectively spams the system with fake accounts.

I'm seeing an increase in our HP14s not being able to be charged. Is this a known issue?

Force Sign out: Is there any setting that when a student would close out of the Chrome browser it would log them off of Google Drive etc. We have several "sign in with Google" programs that we use and unfortunately even if the student never went to GSuite it still keeps them logged in even when they log out of the connected site. I would be pleased as punch if I could have it that once Chrome is closed it logs out of everything :)!
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