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Episode 27 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

The GSFE Admins are at it again. To celebrate Ground Hog's Day and the eponymously name movie, we will go back over topics that we have discussed before, but may have changed. 2FA, Security Apps, Data Studio, and Chromebooks.

Google Play

Can I set up a Google+ community that schools within our district can use to communicate? We are on separate (independent) G Suite Domains. If I do, will this community be available after April 2, 2019, when public Google+ gets shut down?

We're refreshing our Chromebooks this year, switching out our fleet for a new device. We are wondering if we need to budget for new Chrome Management Console licenses for each new Chromebook or if we can deprovision the old ones and use it for the devices. Anyone know the answer or can point me in the right direction?

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How do I turn ON the flag chrome://flags/#pdf-annotations from the G Suite admin console when this feature is rolled out with version 74?

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This is sickening. I sincerely hope there is something on the roadmap for GSFE domains to be able to natively manage/block YouTube comments. Or is this already available and I'm not aware?

I know it's possible in some cloud based filters like GoGuardian to block YouTube comments, but I can't justify shelling out tens of thousands to block YouTube comments. Our NGFW works just fine as a filter for everything but this.

Does anyone know why the power-wash keys don't work for our Chromebooks? We sign out, press control alt shift R and hold - nothing happens. Did I disable this ability in the admin dashboard somewhere? Thoughts? All Chromebooks are Lenovo 500e models..

Is there a way to put a folder of bookmarks for a specific GROUP of users? Not an OU, but a group... I have found documentation on creating services for groups, but was curious if I could push out some bookmarks (and maybe other chrome user settings) via a group of people.

I have a question about Google Contacts (the new setup).

We have teachers who create email groups (Contact Labels) for each event/production. With the new Contacts setup, we cannot figure out how to mass import those emails AND add the correct label simultaneously.

Meaning, we can do an import to get the emails into Contacts successfully. But then we have to search the entire Contacts repository for each separate contact and manually add the label. By the time this is manually done 100-ish times, it is beyond frustruating.

This process worked well in the old setup. Am I missing a better way to solve this problem in the new setup?

Does anything have a method/procedure for limiting students from creating YouTube Videos or Live Video and then sharing them publicly? Regardless, do you use any auditing tools to make sure they are not publicly shared?
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