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Episode 12 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

Recorded Live at the ITEC IT Conference, the admins discuss what's new to the wonderful world of Google, look at some of the posts from the GSFE Admins community to discuss, then take questions from the audience.

Google Play

I am still getting used to administrating our GSuite domain and learning as I go. I'm have a bit of a struggle with some accounts - our accounts are linked to LGfL for SSO and automatic account creation/deletion. I wanted to create a couple of extra accounts in GSuite for some things (a test account, and an archive account). However when I try to access these accounts I am forwarded to the LGfL sign on page and come unstuck there because LGfL have no idea about these accounts! I can't create dummy accounts on LGfL do I'm not sure what to do. Can anyone suggest a solution? 

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PLEASE consider upvoting a review-only admin role in Vault. This would allow super admins to share existing/defined matters with delegated admins.

If I disable googletalk/hangouts? will that disable google doc chat?

Anyone have any experience with Gaggle? My test just went online yesterday, and I have some questions that a Gaggle Representative wasn't able to answer for me.

I got a report that a student had some inappropriate images on his google drive. I was able to see the pictures via the Gaggle interface, but there was nothing on his drive.

The student logged into Drive for me, and I could find no evidence that the file existed. Search for the file name returned nothing, there was nothing in trash, nor was there anything in recently deleted.

My question is, if this file didn't exist in Google Drive, he didn't email it with anyone, then how could Gaggle even know it existed?

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Anyone else worried about how the new regs for ISP data collection and distribution (i.e. sales or distro to 3rd parties without consent) is going to conflict with state student data privacy laws?...thoughts?

Hello Team, First of all I want to thank everyone for their valuable input. I love the discussions on this forum and find ivery valuable.

I am thinking about installing Google drive sync. I am wondering if anyone has installed on all their teacher computers. If yes, any recommendations?

I am running out of backup space as teacher home directories (yes we still use Microsoft home directory (H drive). Teachers have accumulated lots of stuff over the years. No one has time to clean up....

I do not waste money in buying another expensive Microsoft backup solution. We have 1.2 TB of staff home directory data. I inherited this network 5 years back and no quotas have been enforced. Also, one practice in the district which I disagreed with was that they were using recycle bin as a backup archive. No one ever emptied the trash. Recylcle bin was backed up as per admin decision.

How is this being addressed in the other districts?

Recently had a hiccup in a cleaning up of our domain and inactive staff accounts for licensing reasons. Deleted 400+ accounts and was then flooded by emails of panicked staff who lost G Drive documents they used daily. Was able to restore the accounts using GAM but I am curious how other Admins regulate drive document transferring after someone leaves the district. I am trying to push staff into setting up Team Drives for these documents but it may take a while.

So today our smtp-relay on a MFP stopped working. It's giving me SMTP errors yet nothing has been touched on this scanner in some time. It doesn't seem to matter what the settings are using SSL or not, I cannot connect to the SMTP server from this machine. I checked the firewall and also added an exception for this IP. Still nothing... any suggestions? It had been working for over a year up until today.

Wondering what is everyone using for stylus? curious if I can get some recommendations, please :-D
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