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Episode 26 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

"Live" from MWGS 2018

Recorded live from The Midwest Google Summit in the Wisconsin Dells, the Admins talk about password managers, Chrome version 70, and items they learned at the conference.

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Grab and Go for Chromebooks

Has anyone implemented this in a school district setting? Can it be done without purchasing the Grab and Go unit?

Issue with YouTube. Some students can access teacher approved videos and some cannot. They're all in the same class and OU. Any thoughts?

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Anyone using Google Vault and seeing an issue? I create a new "Matter" and enter the scope. I see several results returned, but every time I click on the "offending" document it says "Whoops, there was a problem previewing this document". I am getting this error for EVERY document I attempt to open after creating a matter in vault. Any help would be appreciated.

Google Cloud Print - Trying to register a Xerox 3390 to Cloud Print. Keep getting a Printer is offline error in Google Cloud Print. Can anyone help?

Is there any way students have the ability to turn off revision history in Google Docs? If so is there a way in Admin that turns off that feature?

Anyone having random time out issues with Chrome and Windows 1803?

Sorry me again! I would love to get our Google and o365 calendars synced up. We have o365 and Google accounts on the same domain. Any ideas or advice? Thanks!

Papercut issue (which I continue to struggle with)

I have mobility print deployed for both staff and pupils. At the moment the staff can see the mobility print printers but the pupils cannot.

Previously they were working fine (both staff and pupils) so I am very confused. Thank you for any help on this!

I have a kindergarten student that is claiming that her program/app 'iReady' is causing her computer to free and/or turn off. She has switched computers and I have cleared her cache/cookies and everything else.

I would usually suspect the student is trying to get attention since the teacher has not seen the computer do this. It did it again today, and by the time I got to the classroom, she told the teacher that the computer was no longer freezing. She ran to the teacher crying because we couldn't fix it and was frustrated that the problem didn't happen in front of me! (HAHA Welcome to the IT world kid)

Tomorrow I am going to have her use a different Chromebook and use another student's account temporarily to see if its something she is doing.

Has anyone experienced flash websites causing Chromebooks to do this?
I checked Chrome://device-log, but it starts only from last boot.

Thanks Everyone.

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