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Episode 26 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

"Live" from MWGS 2018

Recorded live from The Midwest Google Summit in the Wisconsin Dells, the Admins talk about password managers, Chrome version 70, and items they learned at the conference.

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Locked Quizzes

I just got the email saying that we are now in the Beta stage for locked quizzes. Before I sent out the email to my staff I thought I would check and see how it works. Right now when I go to my forms and either look at an old form or create a new one I do not see that option to make a locked quiz. Is there something I missed in the admin panel that needs to be turned on? It could be that it takes a while to show up, which is understandable and fine. I did not want to send out the notification to my staff until the option was available. Any feedback on this would be most appreciated!


Hi all,

Lately, have been getting emails about usernames from my domain being available on public lists of usernames and passwords. I assume this is legitimate?

Is this a new feature or have we just gotten lucky so far?

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I'm trying to eliminate the "Forgot Password" link on certain grade level accounts. The directions in the Admin Help do not seem to be pointing me to the correct settings. It says to go to Security > Basic Settings and then eliminate the non-admin password recovery. I'm not actually finding that option. Attached is what I see instead. Anyone know where to do this? Seems like it has changed.

Updated Penalty Box settings
I searched the community and saw an older list or two but wanted to see if anyone had a more recent list of all the sites to allow the Google products to work when we block HTTP://. and HTTPS://.? Also any other advice as far as setting for the Penalty Box as it has been a few years since I had to set one up.

Thank you!

Just had a system readiness check for ILEARN, with AIRSecureTest. Most chromebooks are on version 69 and 70. We are not getting past "Initializing Application". I've whitelisted everything. Any advice?

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Who else disagrees with one of the questions regarding school email addresses in this phishing quiz?
Phishing Quiz
Phishing Quiz

Google Certification Question
Apologies if this is somewhat beyond the scope of the community. One of my teachers is a Google Certified Educator levels 1 and 2. He just received an email that his level 1 cert is about to expire, but he took level 2 a year later.
Does he need to recertify level 1, or does level 2 already encompass both levels? Will he be available to recertify level 2 eventually if his level 1 is lapsed?

Just found out today of a new "feature" in YouTube - messages. Messages is essentially chat. It appears students can access messages/chat when going to YouTube, not just in a LiveStream. The messages "feature" is available at the top portion of the YouTube window, with users able to add friends, etc. Spoke to Google Support who didn't provide much help, and suggested I use the YouTube forum .. disappointing.

Question... How many here utilize two step verification? At least for your admin team? Pros / Cons? Likes / Dislikes? Implementation tactics? Thank you all for letting me pick your brains!
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