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Lenny's banned, so ACS Media can be our New DHX.

+CineToon+SLN! Media Group​ can i be the second owner? there is currently some ban rampage going on and i want to stop it from affecting this group

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Hey, I am a representative of Roblox Olympics Committee.

If any of you have Roblox accounts, would you like to become an official sponsor for the upcoming large-scale Games, based in the virtual world of Roblox?

Only costs the total of 10 Robux a month per community.

Due to inactivity, The Tom will leave the POE (now TWO and GPOE communities) forever.
Lately, my parents noticed this conversation in POE. It gave me the light to stop supporting POE and move on.
If you subbed to me on YT, do not unsubscribe! Surprises will be in the mix this year!

ZackSonic has been banned for stealing my company.

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Because of DIPED starting a fight with me, he is now banned here permenatley, +SNN! Media Group/ SNNtheSpartan​.

Anyone wanna make a movie together?
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