Toki wearing a thick cover walked through the barren wastes of which was once a tall lush beautiful forest. As he wanders he begins to see a distant shadow, Toki called out to the shadow in confusion thinking that this area had been wiped of life hello?!.... Is anyone there?! after a few minutes he simply thinks that it was simply a dune and starts walking away until a sharp object cuts a shallow gash into his cheek. When he turns around he sees you and says if you wish to fight me then so be it! he throws his cover off and gets into a hokuto shinken stance of defence

question, can i make a mech/suit for myself?

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Name: Israel Budden
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Personality: Dark & Sarcastic
Likes: Destroying the World, Enslaving Humanity, Conquering the World
Dislikes: Justice, Peace, Order, Balance, & Harmony
Weapons/Powers: Demon Hellfire Dragon Transformation, & Fire Based Abilities & A Demon Sword
Species: Human + Demon Dragon
 Bio: Unknown
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Name: Tiger
Age: um.....20
Gender: Female
Personally: Sassy, spooky and Cheshire cat
Likes: Cheese, pets, Lewis and Alice in Wonderland
Dislikes: Arthur, Mice and Abusers
Weapons/Powers: She can teleport like the Cheshire Cat and she can possess objects and people
Bio: Tiger was Lewis's pet. They would hang out with Vivi, Ben and Arthur. Until Lewis died and she ran away. Now Tiger wanders around looking for Lewis, her owner.
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i sit on the park bench in a town writing in a notebook trying to write a nice story but is having writers block

(open, please don't ditch, can be multiple people rping)

Would I be allowed to post an invite to my roleplay group on here?

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may i post this here? it is just so my community get a few more members 

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My shuttle

Weaponry: light laser cannons
AMRX class shielding
cloaking device  
Transport: 20
Pilots: 2

I yawn sitting down in a comfy spot I hope I'm not disturbed here. I think irritably. suddenly I hear a clatter of boots and the clanking of swords not again!  I say unsheathing my sword and standing

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Name: colt
Age: 25
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Weapons: two commando pistols, blaster rifle, electrostaff
Likes: his guns
Dislikes: being annoyed
Species: clone/human
Personality: he is an all round nice guy, just dont piss him off
Bio: colt is a advanced recon commando, good fun when happy, deadly when not
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