Toki wearing a thick cover walked through the barren wastes of which was once a tall lush beautiful forest. As he wanders he begins to see a distant shadow, Toki called out to the shadow in confusion thinking that this area had been wiped of life hello?!.... Is anyone there?! after a few minutes he simply thinks that it was simply a dune and starts walking away until a sharp object cuts a shallow gash into his cheek. When he turns around he sees you and says if you wish to fight me then so be it! he throws his cover off and gets into a hokuto shinken stance of defence

question, can i make a mech/suit for myself?

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Name: Tiger
Age: um.....20
Gender: Female
Personally: Sassy, spooky and Cheshire cat
Likes: Cheese, pets, Lewis and Alice in Wonderland
Dislikes: Arthur, Mice and Abusers
Weapons/Powers: She can teleport like the Cheshire Cat and she can possess objects and people
Bio: Tiger was Lewis's pet. They would hang out with Vivi, Ben and Arthur. Until Lewis died and she ran away. Now Tiger wanders around looking for Lewis, her owner.
Animated Photo

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may i post this here? it is just so my community get a few more members 

Would I be allowed to post an invite to my roleplay group on here?

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i sit on the park bench in a town writing in a notebook trying to write a nice story but is having writers block

(open, please don't ditch, can be multiple people rping)

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My shuttle

Weaponry: light laser cannons
AMRX class shielding
cloaking device  
Transport: 20
Pilots: 2

I yawn sitting down in a comfy spot I hope I'm not disturbed here. I think irritably. suddenly I hear a clatter of boots and the clanking of swords not again!  I say unsheathing my sword and standing

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Name: colt
Age: 25
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Weapons: two commando pistols, blaster rifle, electrostaff
Likes: his guns
Dislikes: being annoyed
Species: clone/human
Personality: he is an all round nice guy, just dont piss him off
Bio: colt is a advanced recon commando, good fun when happy, deadly when not

As the sun awakened upon the new day, the birds began to sing their morning tunes. Moving from its bed behind the land, the sun exposed its beautiful rays of light, which greeted the plants. The dew upon these plants evaporated to form a fog amongst the land, which gave off a gloomy appearance within the area. This so called “appearance” seemed to fit it perfectly for the fact being, the area looked so lifeless.
A wide gravel and dirt pathway traveled miles from a road, heading to this area, seemed so boring and worn out from cars driving forth to the stop of this path. The location of this stopping was placed 12 feet in front of a rather large building, curving around to meet up with the path once more. The large structure before the path held an old worn out sign, the words “Forestry Adoption Center “being barely visible upon it. The building, as stated before, was rather large, holding up to 4 floors, each floor being the same size. The first floor held the main sources of the place; kitchen, living room, laundry room, etc. The staircase to the other floors was located within the center of the first floor, up to the 4th. Each floor after the first floor held up to 80 bedrooms, each bedroom being small enough to fit a bed, dresser, and T.V. in. Each one had a window as well in case the children wanted to look outside. Bathrooms upon these floors were located within the rooms as well, allowing the children to have their own bathrooms instead of sharing.
Upon the outside of the building was a rather dark grey color plastered on the structure. This gave the building a rather dull look, even the playground outside to the right of the building was dull and gloomy, once brightly being painted, but now the paint being peeled away and chipped off as if no one has repainted it for years. Where were the children? Usually kids could be seen at places like these, yet none were in sight. The beautiful green leaved woods surrounded the field which held the building even looked empty, the only animal being seen were that of birds. Looking within the building, it seemed as if no lights were on as well, in turn meaning the sun was the only light illuminating throughout the building. Just what has happened to this place?
It was clear cars still drove up to this place due to the tire marking within the dirt, the most recent marks being left from a few days ago. This meant people were still dropping kids off at this place, but where were they? Why exactly did this place look so empty and abandoned? A deserted adoption home planted upon in the middle of nowhere, and yet vehicles still came to drop children off? Shouldn’t places such as this be more cared for, or at least in better shape? There had to of been a reason the building is as it is, and there was. That reason was from an event that happened 6 years ago, an event that was never discovered or even cared for.
Within a single large room located on the first floor, a figure begins to stir. The form being hit with rays of light from the sun caused its red optics to open, the sunlight seeming to glisten off the coloration. As the room was soon illuminated with the sunlight, a 6 foot tall shirtless male would be seen standing at the edge of the bed, his unique white hair being messed up from his slumber. His leg muscles guided him to a dresser located on the opposite wall of the bed, the being lifting his right appendage towards a handle upon the object. As his hand grasped the handle, his arm moved the drawer of the dresser out with the help of the figures muscles.  His hand soon made its way to grasp a blue color shirt, his left hand grasping it next as they both worked together to guide the shirt on him.
The male soon yawned, both right and left arm stretching. With this yawn one would see the male’s mouth being filled with razor sharp teeth. Every exhale the male made created a small puff of light green smoke, something that was clearly strange for a being to do yet it was already clear this was no normal being. He tapped his finger nails upon the dresser, a small thumping be heard as razor sharp 1 inch nails hit against the wood. His red optics would locate themselves upon the small structure of a mask, to be correct a gas mask. His fingers grasped the mask slowly, placing it upon his face as the strap would be hidden under his white hair from behind. From this mask, which hid only his mouth and nose, were two tiny holes, a small fan within the mask blowing the light green breath out with each exhale.
He let out a sigh as he walked to the door to exit the room. Located on the closed door was a coat hanger, which held a purple zip up jacket upon it. His hands found their way to the jacket, pulling it upon him as he zipped it up, leaving it 2 inches unzipped. He kept the hood back as he turned the door knob slowly with his left hand, opening the door to the view which lay in front of him. His eyes adjusted to what little light there was within the hall leading to his room, his sight soon coming into focus with the design upon the wall, the design which he had created himself in a rather sickening way.
Dried blood stains painted the wall, now darkened from being so old. Clear signs of blood running down the wall from large splatters could be seen running down to meet the floor, which was also blood stained. As his feet slipped into the black sneakers just outside his door, his optics were focused upon the sight as he admired it, something he seemed to do every day. His artwork was created by his motives of killing the beings that once made this place not only their job, but also their home.  It was not just the  adults who had met this unfortunate end, throughout the buildings the walls had these blood stained designs, some of the rooms as well. No one escaped, no one survived, and this man had killed every living being within this building and made it his home.
Shouldn’t there be skeletons then? One would think so, and that thought would be wrong. All the skeletons had been moved into the forest, after the man had finished consuming the bodies of each victim. He was young when he did this, 14 years of age, which meant he was now 20 years of age. His birthday was always kept to himself, for he did not feel the need to explain his personal info to others. He spent a week here before he had started to plan the violent assault upon this place, the assault which happened after a month of being confined within this home. The screams that filled his ears that day excited him, the blood that shed upon the floor and walls enlightened him, and they taste of flesh within his mouth comforted him. He had killed all beings within this place and now has chosen to stay here, luring victims now and then to prey upon. Kyoku Desta’s name would be written out of the books of this said adoption center as he would make himself seem dead, yet also act as if he ran the place.
His feet soon maneuvered him towards a closet located within a wall right in front of the staircase. His right hand reached for the doorknob, his muscles acting as he pulled upon the door, a creak being heard from the old hinges.  As he walked into the closet, it would seem more as if it had been a janitor office. Mops and brooms were seen within lying against the left side of the closet, yet what he had moved to was the right side. The right side seemed rather empty, except for a few things. Placed upon a self like structure were a set of Kurnai’s, each one being 4 foot long deadly objects. His left hand carefully picked each one up, a total of 8, and placed them in a small bag near them. This bag was meant to hold them, yet also be worn on his waist. It was able to clip on easily to one of the loops upon his pants. As he placed them in the bag, one would see that some of them seemed to drip with a strange liquid, as well as covered with some strange green powder on the tip. There were only 2 like these, but still this could make one very suspicious.
After placing the small bag on his pants, making sure it was strapped nice and tight so that it wouldn’t fall off, his red optics soon locked upon another toy of his. Within the corner of this closet was his favorite toy, specially made for him just before he dragged the man in who made it for him and devoured him. It looked almost like that of a staff at first, but closer inspection would reveal 2 blades, one located upon each end of this staff. The 4 foot long black staff was made of a light blackened metal, yet this metal was also very durable, being known to withstand big hits. Though to Ky, this durability did not matter. Each silver blade upon this staff was 2 foot long, which in turn made this weapon a good 8 foot long total, and sharpened to the point they could cut almost anything. A slight grin would form behind his mask as his right hand gripped the staff right in the center, pulling it towards him. Standing taller than him, this staff clearly was large. He places the half facing upwards on his shoulder as he walked out of the closet, shutting the closet door with his left hand.
As he moved towards the back door, his mind began to function in a manner one would expect from a man like him. He wanted to kill, wanted the taste of blood to fill his mouth so bad that it was driving him crazy. He pulled the back door opened with his left hand quickly, making his way outside as the door would close on its own. Behind the building seemed to be nothing. The playground, being located to the right of the building, seemed now to be the only entertainment for children here. The back yard was once a beautiful garden, yet Ky had destroyed it. As of now, he was a good 320 feet from the woods surrounding the building. He knew very well that deep within them woods he would find the skeletons of each of his victims. The though just made him crave for flesh more, yet he seemed not to show it in the least bit. He had motioned himself 80 feet away from the building before stopping. He let in a deep inhale, his lungs, being slightly bigger than that of human lungs, expanding as air flowed into it. As he exhaled, the small green wisp of smoke flowed from his mask, yet something else also occurred.
A large gust of wind kicked up for a split second, dust kicking up around his feet as his hair seemed to wave upwards. In that instant, he had brought his energy level to the point it could now be felt. This godly leveled energy seemed to travel several hundred feet before seeming to stop. This stop occurred when he slowly caused some of his energy to wrap around his entire body; from head to toe his body was encased in this energy. The rest of the energy which had expanded outward soon rotated clockwise quickly, this rotation lasting 5 seconds. This created another kick of dust which soon settled as well. This time, instead of expanding, the energy had moved back towards Ky, surrounding his feet. Most of it had been concealed once more, his energy now only able to be felt within 2 feet of him. A trick he had taught himself, with less of his energy being let out meant less chance of him being discovered. This clearly meant that his energy unleashing had to be fast before he pulled it back in, giving those, if any, near him the feeling that they just felt slightly weird for the few seconds.
With so much energy, one would expect for them to let it all out to scare his opponents, which was not what he wanted. He wanted his victim to think he was weak. If they thought that, they might get cocky and deplete their energy quickly. For him, he recycled his energy. Once using it, it would be pulled back and be stored as new energy would replace the amount of energy he had used. A rather smart move on his part, making himself seem as if he had limitless energy yet actually just seemed to recycle it. He seemed to know more than one thought, most likely from research within the books of the library. It does not matter though, he knew what he wanted. He wanted Blood, flesh, and to hear the screams of his victim. He stood out here, knowing the nearest town was a long ways away. He could run there and back within a day, with his speed of course, but doing that would cause trouble. What was he thinking? Trouble meant nothing to him, for he enjoyed sending a town into chaos over one missing person. He chuckled slightly, his deep sinister voice barely being heard as he seemed to speak to himself.
“Oh how I miss the screams. Though, I seem to be unclear on if I should go. Debating this is one thing, deciding right off the start is another. God damn it, why the hell must I debate upon this?” 
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