Hey peoples I am making a vid with some friends and we need more people to tma with, we are playing on Atlanta 1 EU server, we will do a test run of the vid at 115 pm eastern time, please msg me or reply if u want to be in it my gamertag is chrisolli117


Name: "Hi. My name is Nina."

Age: I am 15

Gender: "If you can't already tell, I'm a girl."

Job: "I am a thief."

Old Job: "I have been thieving my whole life, I have never done anything else."

Weapon: "I carry a bow and quiver on me just in case anything happens."

Skills: "I am really good at ranged attacks. Mostly with bows."

Equipment: "I have a blue pouch attached to my belt, I keep my Supplies and stolen things in there."

Supplies: "Bow, quiver, medical supplies, arrows, food, water, coal and a tinder box. Don't ask about the tinder. Because I'm telling you right now. It was stolen.

Personality: "Rude, bad to hang around with if you aren't my friend because I will steal everything useful to me."

Likes: "Patient people, ranged attacks, sneaking around"

Dislikes: "Walkers, when I loose at something"

Bio: "Well first of all I was born.. That's all you need to know."


I wear a green hoodie with skinny jeans. I gotta belt with my quiver and my pouch, my bow is on me, and I have a black scarf that covers my mouth.

I have blue eyes and brown hair.

I have a white Fox at my side.

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Name: Paris Carson Parks
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Type: Survivor
Weapons: M9,Crossbow
Supplies: Medpack,arrows,ammo
Equipment: Red backpack
Skills: Aim,medical help
Personality: Brave,loyal,sweet,and kind
Bio: Classified
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+Shadow Flare
Paris was walking along the road of Washington D.C.,with a wounded leg from the last place she was.

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Sweet group Xd Love CD

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Name: Dante Redbird
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Type: Survivor
Weapons: Crowbar, M9, 44 Magnum, M4-A1
Supplies: Medpack, Morphine, Ammo, Food, Cantine
Equipment: Blue Backpack & Blue Robe Clothing
Skills: Marksmenship & Martial Arts
Personality: Caring, Serious, Determined, Tired (At times), Skillful
Bio: Classified
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