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Official link to download APK for various versions apart from Google Play Store

Opt-in for Play Store Beta testing

Play Store


Cloud Plug-in

Contributors, make sure to write your name and email id in format
In the license declaration above every file you make change to. You won't be able to claim the license for changes made by you unless you do that.

Also, I'd like to recommend reading
Before making changes in code. Existing code itself might not follow this, but I don't want you to do same mistakes I did a year ago! 

Hello all
I can't create a shortcut on the desk. (Amaze v3.2.1 on nexus 6P android 8.1 not rooted).
This used to work a few months before...
Apart from this, wonderful Lapp ! Thanks.

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Amaze Cloud plugin end of the year sale... Get your copy and start the year with much less hastle in managing different cloud services on your Android smartphone ^_^

I'm giving away 25 promo codes to download Amaze Cloud for free from Play Store. Let me know in comments, it's first come first serve basis.

So, I recently figured out how to configure SMB, but as of now I can only connect anonymously.

How do I go about setting up a username and password to use with Amaze?

Folder sharing options only lets me use existing accounts on the computer.

Since I'm on Oreo on my moto g5plus AFM crashes right after opening. It is not possible to use AFM at all. I'm on lineageos. Is that a personal issue on my side or is AFM in general not ready for Oreo?

I have a feature request.

ES File Explorer has the ability to not just back up APK files but also their data. It does this by compressing the data directory for a given app into a zip file which is then stored in the same directory where the APK file is located. This data can then be restored when needed.

Could the ability to back up and restore app data be added to Amaze, so I can finally dump my re-signed pre-malware copy of ES File Explorer in favor of something not only open source, but updated?

P. S. I could have sworn I asked this already somewhere, but I can find no record of my post. If this is a duplicate, I apologize.

Adding and deleting files only works on internal storage with ftp, not on the SD card. It's the same on my Galaxy S7 and Huawei tab. I have given the Amaze app write access on the card, I can delete and add files with the app. It does work with es file explorer.

I've bought the cloud plugin, but can't find any way to add a cloud.

Best file manager on playstore..please add storage space information tile 👍
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