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Official link to download APK for various versions apart from Google Play Store

Opt-in for Play Store Beta testing

Play Store


Cloud Plug-in

Contributors, make sure to write your name and email id in format
In the license declaration above every file you make change to. You won't be able to claim the license for changes made by you unless you do that.

Also, I'd like to recommend reading
Before making changes in code. Existing code itself might not follow this, but I don't want you to do same mistakes I did a year ago! 

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Hi, I am an android developer who is new in the Open Source Community, would love to contribute by adding functionality to the application such as ability to send it to the cloud for people to download.

Would like if you guys could show me where I can begin and ask if there is a simple documentation for the application?

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v3.3.0-RC1 is up on beta channel. Please test and give your feedback. We worked hard on this one since last year.

Could we please have an AMOLED Black theme and custom title bar and accent colors in the next version? Thanks!

i am building this project in android studio. All things ok but when app launches it gives "jahirfiquitiva.libs.fabsmenu.FABsMenu.getMenuButton()' on a null object reference"

in MainActivity.InitializeFab() line number 1477

Please anyone help...

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Hello all, I was trying to contribute to this open source project. An issue that was raised was that in API level 15 the color scheme was not correct. I fixed this issue by adding a values-v15 folder and then added a styles file which contained all the appropriate styles. After adding a pull request, my code failed in the Travis Build CLI.

Is there something I am doing wrong? None of my code failed when I tested it on Android Studio.

Hello all
I can't create a shortcut on the desk. (Amaze v3.2.1 on nexus 6P android 8.1 not rooted).
This used to work a few months before...
Apart from this, wonderful Lapp ! Thanks.

I'm giving away 25 promo codes to download Amaze Cloud for free from Play Store. Let me know in comments, it's first come first serve basis.
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