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Official link to download APK for various versions apart from Google Play Store

Opt-in for Play Store Beta testing

Play Store


Contributors, make sure to write your name and email id in format
In the license declaration above every file you make change to. You won't be able to claim the license for changes made by you unless you do that.

Also, I'd like to recommend reading
Before making changes in code. Existing code itself might not follow this, but I don't want you to do same mistakes I did a year ago! 

Anyone interested in maintaining Amaze on transifex? You'll be responsible for maintaining all the translations in Amaze on transifex, and merging any new translations from transifex to Amaze Github and vice-versa.
In return I can assure your name in About screen of Amaze as a contributor.

When long press the FTP Server tile, it opens the app page in settings. It should rather open the app itself.

Hello everyone,
I hope you guys are enjoying Amaze.
The reason I am writing this post is, I'm getting multiple reports regarding cut/paste operation failing with SD card (on lollipop+ devices). I can't confirm and possibly fix it because I currently don't have a device with SD card with me.
Now if anyone could test and provide logcat, it'll help me fix it.

I am a bit disappointed too, as I'm hearing this problem with random people's email and ratings on play store. It leaves really bad impression about Amaze.
We had beta program on full capacity (2k beta testers) and versions were coming since September last year. After working hard for so long, it's disappointing to get bad reviews for these small things.
I guess most people here are signed up for beta. Beta testers are supposed to test each and every aspect and see if the expected outcome is generated or not. But rather I get nothing from you guys. Hardly anyone tries to test stuff that was changed. Beta testing is not just about getting updates fast.

There are a thing or two I myself noticed myself, like not being able to open any file from .apk viewer.
No other beta tester noticed this. Now the SD card issue, which is a major one.

I really hope I get more reports from beta testers in future versions. I have lots of stuff planned for you guys (Chromecast support, sftp client, cloud plugins are prior ones).

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Okay guys, here's how (in case you don't know) to get a logcat for any problem you may encounter with Amaze. Only using your phone.
Logcats are super useful. They pinpoint the source of the problem.

First you need any logcat app (you may search the Play Store). I suggest Logcat Extreme:

When you encounter a problem with Amaze, follow these steps:
0- open Logcat Extreme
1- press the search button
2- put "com.amaze.filemanager" in the search bar, to filter out other apps logs.
3- press the floating button
4- press "save/send"
4- save it to your storage.
5- send the log with some info to the dev (you can find the Email in Settings -> Send Feedback)

Thank you.

For some reason Amaze cant find my shared files/folders via SMB. I click on in SMB Connection and it scans endlessly. Only when adding the IP directly it will find the shared folders.

Other SMB apps that I tried on android work just fine. Any idea or any way I can provide more info to fixing this?

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The operation is done. But the notification is stuck as well as the process viewer.

Android 7.1
Amaze v3.1.2 beta 9
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I cant find my sdcard in ftp.

Hi, I've been using this app for a really long time, it is really awesome. Please can you add a home activity that shows the percentage for both internal storage and external sdcard. Also storage analyzer.

I've been using this app since it was announced by TK on XDA TV and it amazing! (Just as the name of the app says) but I'm missing one feature so it can be perfect: USB-OTG

Well, I've searched for it in the app and didn't found it, does it have this feature? If not, is it too difficult to add?

Thanks and keep up the good work!
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