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Hello Everyone.
Here is my final case study that involves faculty members in higher education faced with the situation where they are victims of identity theft in the form of a fake Facebook profile. My presentation is available at

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My case study proposal is entitled: "The Perils of Fake Social Media Profiles - A Growing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Concern)", based on the article on the Illinois Republican lawmaker's resignation due to Facebook and Twitter hacks.

Case Study Purpose: There is significant risk from the growing number of business intelligence entities readily available to scour social media profiles for information about your company, your employees, your proprietary business projects and intellectual property. Fake identities and postings listing a business’s proprietary information can be potentially damaging and may lead to legal implications and the “loss of employment”. These concepts will be looked at closer with this case study.

Here is the link to the Case Study:

Here's the link to the Presentation:


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Case Study Proposal: Teaching Challenges:
Ethical dilemmas in the trade offs of students using technology in class lectures. I chose to use Shirky's Why I just asked my students to put their laptops away. It seems to me a very good fit with the problems and issues facing LTEC faculty and students today. It specified the guiding role of classroom leadership that has not been discussed that much yet. With this in mind the process of thinking through these issues before even entering the classroom or beginning to write the syllabus seems significant. Aloha


Artifact: Google Slides

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With its growing popularity, tablets are being more and more incorporated in today’s classrooms. Tablets are no longer used strictly for entertainment but as powerful learning tools that can enhance and improve the educational experience of students in grades K-12. The case study focuses on identifying the benefits and challenges of tablet in the classroom.

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Final Case Study Proposal: Multitasking in the Digital Classroom

Inspired by Shirky's 'Why I Just Asked My Students to Put Their Laptops Away', my proposal centers around multitasking in the digital classroom, such as ours.

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The cultivation of your personal brand is a lifelong endeavor, but an random hacker has now compromised your online identity. What are the appropriate courses of action to rebuild your personal brand? How do undo the damage done?

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Here is my final proposal.  I decided to wrap this lesson on Cyber Security in a class I will be teaching at UHM Shidler College in Spring 2017.  Also, I provided a link to my ppt presentation for tomorrow's class meeting.

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Here is my final case study proposal.
Imagine you have worked hard your whole life towards becoming an attorney and a politician, yet in the course of one day, you learn that another person has claimed your identity on Twitter and Facebook. What do you do?
Twitter Damage Control: “What’s the worst that could happen?”

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Final Case Study Proposal. Link to PPT slides in doc header.

Adapted from "Facebook & Twitter fake accounts result in lawmaker resignation" This case study focuses on fake, parody, and malicious social media accounts and their affect on you.
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