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I don't know if this can be useful, but John Large who runs the blog Red Dice Diaries gives a tutorial on how to video-record games on Roll20 and Discord with the Xsplit program.

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I vaguely remember some French manga which apparently started in 1967, but now it has become a movie and HOLY SHIT DUDES!

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I'm just tossing this here, assuming all current players in our group are still hooked in here.

This video talks about a new blue NASA spacesuit and they seemed to have gotten lighter and gone up one Traveller Tech Level. What do you think?

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Modiphius Games has released MINDJAMMER TRAVELLER: the Mindjammer setting first released using Fate Core rules, re-done for Mongoose Traveller 2nd-ed. rules. It's a far-future setting of ultratech, where everyone's mind is "online" all the time, always on "messenger" with everyone else in their team (thoughtcasts) -- but their brains could be hacked. Spaceships can be sentient and even put their consciousness in a robot body to walk around with the other PCs. In this setting the Commonality of Man has rediscovered other human colonies, perhaps not at the same level of ultra-evolution as them, and conflict results during their assimilation.

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Here's a short film that may be Traveller-esque.

A law enforcement guy who has fought illegal immigration (to a New Earth planet) has a change of heart.

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I know this isn't a Traveller post but I did own this book many years ago and liked it but never ever got to play this game. I would like to hear your opinions on it. I would like to maybe make a few hero characters and maybe play a one shot of this game.

+Steve K I had fun with this. I don't no if we want to play this game and I don't know the system completely but I truly enjoyed randomly making this super hero character. He truly came too life. I am going to add the game into the drop box.

Stellar Flare

Real Name: Dr. John Denzil

Attributes: IQ-11 ME-14 MA-12 PS-15 PP-23 PE-15 PB-18 Spd-15
Experience Level: 1
Education Level: Doctorate Ph.D
Alignment: Unprincipled
Age: 31 Sex: Male Weight: Thin Height: Tall A.R. 14 in flame mode
S.D.C.- 70 Hit Points- 15 Attacks per melee-5
Attribute Bonus- P.P. +4 to dodge, parry, and strike bonus P.B. 40% bonus to charm/impress
Super Power Category: Mutant/ Radiation
Special Abilities: Alter Physical Structure: Fire appearance & Sonic flight

Scholastic Skills: Medical Doctor 63%/73% % Mechanical Engineer 85%% Computer Operation 90% Pilot Jet Fighter 54% Pilot Space Shuttle 54% Mathematics 90% Read/write 73% Native language 90%

Secondary Skills: Automobile 88% Race Car 60% Motorcycle 64% Auto Mechanics 88% Read Sensory instruments 80% Wilderness survival 80% W. P. Auto Pistol 65% W. P. Rifle 65% Advanced Mathematics 95% Astro Physics 70%

Dr. John Denzil was a specialist Medical Astronaut working with NASA on a special new high end propulsion system that was being tested using a secret warp type Ion Drive combination test vehicle. He was selected to boomerang this unique capsule around the sun at close range. Something went horribly wrong the drive failed close to the sun and John was beamed down with serious solar radiation. The drive did reignite and John was considered to be dead but amazingly was alive but different. Soon after he began to realize he was no longer a normal man but a unique powerful mutant with the ability to change his form to flame and manipulate that flame as a weapon in many forms. He also realized that in that form he could will himself to fly at exceptional sonic speeds 670 MPH and also use that speed as a weapon. He was retired with disability from NASA and considered damaged. The United States Government was unaware of the exact nature of his mutation and John leaving in silence decided to keep the true nature of his mutation to himself living in modest cognito collecting Social Security Disability and living in a modest simple Mountain cabin rental secluded in Colorado. Keeping connected to the world through the Internet John began to see he was needed in the world and became known as Stellar Flare. With a fire resistant pack special fire resistant shorts and boots John can take flight and be anywhere in th continental United States within no more than a few hours.

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From back in John's game (Helix), here's what a futuristic Russian dance-club may look like. He wears that thing on his head to sense the mood of the crowd and feed it back, or some junk...or maybe it's just to control that fly-swatting robot in the white dress as a public service.

Do we have a game tonight? I sadly missed our last session due to overtime work needs.. Someone please message me and let me know what were doing.
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