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100% Bamboo fiber Potato Veggie Storage Bags

These are washable bamboo fiber bags. Our bags are breathable, meaning your fruits and vegetables will remain cool, crisp, and fresh for days after you put them in the refrigerator.
GO GREEN: Because the bags are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber products, they're completely friendly to the environment. They're also recyclable – you'll be able to use them week after week, month after month, without worrying about them breaking down or spoiling your produce.

Potato bag measures Large: Width=8 inchesx Length=12 inches x Height= 18 inches
Onion bag measures Medium: Width= 7 inches x Length= 10 inches x Height=16 inches
Garlic bag measures Small: Width= 6 inches x Length=8 inches x Height=14 inches

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Why use bamboo fiber products?

It is natural plant fiber, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable.
Compared with ceramic product -- Durable and undreakable,no heavy metal ect.
Compared with plastic products -- Non-toxic, BPA free and no plasticizer.
Compared with stainless steel Products -- Not contain nickel, chromium heavy metal and fit for contact with acid & alkaline food.
Compared with original bamboo or wooden products -- Not absorb moisture, not damp and not easy got mildew.
Compared with melamine -- Formaldehyde free.

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Icing Pastry Piping Nozzles Tips Ball Shape Russian Style and Korean Style

Stylish and classic appearance, small and exquisite.
In wide range of use: cake, bakery, tray mats, party, hotel, etc.
Let your imagination run wild with this icing nozzles to decorate your cakes and cookies.

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Perfect the art of coffee making with Pour Over Drip Filter! Great for both grounds and
loose tea leaves, our paperless filter fills your home with the rich aroma of your favorite drinks.
Titanium mesh collects even the finest grounds without impacting flavor, leaving you with a cup
of coffee that's smooth, fresh and brewed to your personal preference.
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Keep an eye on your child when walking or traveling outside the home.
Just secure one end to your child and the other to yourself or the pram/stroller.
The comfortable, strong material will not irritate your child.

This anti lost wrist Strap gives kids independence but keeps them safe simultaneously in crowded places like super market, subway.

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