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To create a character first state your name
Then your age
Any magic
Pets (optional)
Background story


Name: Luna Moonshimmer
Magic: Moon dragon slayer
Pet: Exceed
God/Goddess: Artemis
I was abandoned as a baby and then one day I found myself in the woods were I met Lynda , my dragon. She trained me and fed me and thought me many things. Until one day she left and didn't return. I went out to find her and I eventually did ,but she was on the edge of dying so the only way I could save her was for sacrificing my left eye. The new eye brought me in great danger. Many scientists have tried to consume my eye just for its power. The last time I saw a doctor a goddess came down and saved. She said her name was Artemis and that I was a chosen one and that I was special. Then she vanished and now I am on a quest to find out what she is talking about.


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