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Is this thread still active? Please help me take a look at the stats below. Anything draining my battery? Previously was at 0.2%. No new apps installed other than bbs & klwp.

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I wrote a short article about BBS, I'm hoping the community can help improve the article by leaving comments on what they like the most about the app. I just write these articles as a hobby 

Does anyone can help? I can't install BBS as system app even using the recovery. How can I do now? My phone OS is Android 5.0.2

Hope someone can help. Running Screw'd lollipop and Nova Launcher on my Nexus 7 2013. I just tried to set a "Better Battery Stats" widget on the screen (after having used Better Battery Stats app for a while). I immediately got an error message saying "Unfortunately, Nova Launcher has stopped". I can switch to Launcher3 without a problem, but I like Nova (Prime). 

Is there something I can do? Should I uninstall Better Battery Stats (the app)? Should I uninstall Nova launcher and reinstall? Or should I reflash the ROM?

Recently I did a clean flash of my ROM. After reinstalling bbs, I get results for every category except kernel wakelock. This stays as empty as my wallet.
I'm running the ultimate unleashed 91u-a7 kernel.

Anyone knows why this could be?

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Hi Guys,

Good morning! I'm just curious about these #wakelocks. By any chance, do you know the culprits of this?

Dont mind the "cn" wakelock since I know what that is. I always use that application namely KakaoTalk.

What I am worried about is I wasn't using the phone the whole time for the last 5hrs since I was sleeping but it seems that 37mins is a lot of wakelocks!

As you can see, screen on is only at almost 7mins but the phone was awake for nearly 38mins? Whew!

I'm wondering, the first wakelock in the list, is that the Google Search widget on the homescreen? If it is, I'll close it asap!

Also, do you guys know any idea what that #fingerprint_scanner_local is?

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