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Avengers Vs Justice League
Avengers Vs Justice League Matchup
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flying around Panem when you ....

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Name: Eather A. Urgess
Age: 17
Appearance: Pale complexion with Blue Grey eyes, straight/curly brunette hair 5'4 with 22'17 wings
Weapons: 3 long-swords, a purple katana, throwing knives, throwing disks, a khopesh,  daggers, and 2 feather swords
Species: Demigod from Panem who attends Hogwarts while working on her psychic powers (they are out of control)
Bio: After finding out that she can travel to world to world (including Mt. Olympus) and that she is  a Fate-Seer, she goes to Hogwarts to learn more about magic while learning to manage her powers and psychic powers
Random Fact: I'm part Phoenix and Valkyrie 
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i am walking around a pet shop looking at the cats when...

RP anyone?
i am walking along the shore of the beach when...

Hi guys welcome to the community. Just wanted to say here are a couple rules.Cussing is not allowed in discussion you can do it anywhere else though. For your profile you need to follow this format. 

Species: (You can choose between demigod,initiate,wizard,unicorn and things of that nature even a country from hetalia if you want talk to me or other moderators for details on mixed species but no gods)
Weapons:(if any)
Random Fact: 

Other than that have fun my fellow fangirls/fanboys.

Name: Mimi

Age: 16

Appearance: bleach blonde hair with bangs and blue eyes

Species: demigod

Weapons: bow and arrow

Bio: you don't need to know

Personality: loyal, wise, gets envy easily, shy and is vary friendly

Random fact: loves kittens
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