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could you help me to get Example for using override for method of addToTransactionManager() and method addListBindingsForAttribute() and why ,how i could use them in ADF

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ADF Performance Monitor: Monitoring with Percentiles

What is shared application module and why we use it?

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Sample set validation rules with date

Entity Object > Attributes (Type : Timestemp) > validation Rules (Tab)

** Campare With : use Query Result
** Enter SQL statement : select sysdate from dual

Hi Team,

regarding SQLServer bind variable,

ex: select * from City where StateId=? ..
when i try to click on test , Query is not asking for bind variable instead Showing query is success full with select * from City where StateId=null ..

Using Jdeveloper, can any one please suggest what is the issue..

Any opening for adf ?pls let me know.

How to open a pdf file to a client machine directly on a browser.
I try open it with desktop default pdf reader but it open on the server machine.

Hi Team,

Regarding datasource issue..

Is Adf data source should be like ends with DS.??
For ex: we have jndi in server like - jdbc/exDs .
Will it work if i use same name jdbc/exDs in ADF ??
I am getting error while opening the applicatio like look up jndi not found..
Or that should ends with DS .is this case we should follow naming convinsion??
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