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God Human and Lord in human body

1. The whole creation is a play of thoughts : the outcome of the mind. It is your mind that binds you; it is also the mind that is the means of your freedom. You are eternally free. You are not bound at all.
2. Whence and wither ?: As long as the human mind does not directly experience ultimate Reality as it is, the mind is baffled in every attempt to explain the origin and purpose of creation..... The human mind can at best make brilliant conjectures about the past and the future of the universe because it is bound by the spell of Maya . It can neither arrive at final knowledge of these points, nor can it remain content with ignorance about them. "Whence ?" and "Whither?" Presupposes the beginning and the end of this evolving creation. The beginning of evolution is the beginning of time, and the end of evolution is the end of time. Evolution has both beginning and end because time has both beginning and end.
Between the beginning and the end of this changing world there are many cycles; but there is, in and through these cycles, a continuity of cosmic evolution. The real termination of the evolutionary process is called Mahapralaya,or the great annihilation of the world, when the world becomes what it was in the beginning, namely, Nothing. .... the entire objective cosmos, which is the creation of Maya, vanishes into nothingness at the time of Mahapralaya. It is as if the universe had never existed at all.
From- Dis., p23.

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Divine Lord Meher Baba Ki Jai

After God gave me the Holy Spirit, I found proof that TV, movies, video games and computer games are all sins, except Christian stuff that don’t have sins like sermons. I found out that in them there is stealing, adultery, fornication which is sex before marriage, revenge, jealousy, pride, using God's name in vain as a curse word, they are all idols (breaks 2nd Commandment) because most people can’t live without them and they love them more than God and more. Just read the 10 commandments for a list. But if you are one of God’s elects and God gives you the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the permanent cure to boredom but it is only given to God’s elects who suffer the most in this world since they were physically born.
Go to the bottom website for a list of God’s elects sufferings since they were physically born.  
Now I will be preaching about how to receive the Holy Spirit and be 100% going to Heaven.
First, it's only by the grace of God that he gives you faith in Jesus Christ in order to give up your sins. It’s only by the grace of God that he leads you to pray to him to destroy all your evil desires of watching TV. When you pray to God to destroy all your evil desires of watching TV, Satan will intervene and extremely tempt you in watching the TV. But if it's God's will and if you are one of God’s elects, you will overcome it and God will destroy all your evil desires of watching TV. After God has destroyed all your evil desires of watching TV and if you are one of God’s elects, you receive the joy of the Holy Spirit for about 40 minutes. After the joy wears off, all existence of boredom no longer exists and you no longer burn out (psychology) anymore. That is when you have received the Holy Spirit.
Then it's by the grace of God that he forgives you of your sins, as you confess and repent of your sins throughout your life which is called sanctification. But you can watch Christian stuff that don't have sins (Like sermons) because that helps you grow more mature as a Christian spiritually and for more information about this sermon, go to then go to “Is God’s words powerful? How do we receive the Holy Spirit?”
Just so you know Jesus had to endure the punishment for God’s elects sins which is Hell-Hellfire, which is extreme love and mercy. Read the bottom of what Jesus had to endure in Hell.
Lazarus and the rich man Luke 16:19-31
Extreme Dehydration, rich man begs for a drop of water.
Luke 16:24
King James Version (KJV)
24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
A place of outer darkness Matthew 8:12
A place of no rest Revelation 14:11
A place of blackness and darkness forever Jude 13
A place where people are tormented with fire and brimstone Revelation 14:10
Extreme pain since you are in everlasting fire.
"David Platt - Jesus Absorbed the Wrath of God"
If Jesus didn’t die on the cross and endure Hell which is the punishment for sin, God would still be just in sending us all to Hell because we are all guilty of our sins. Remember TV, movies, video games and computer games are all sins, except Christian stuff that don’t have sins like sermons. Just read the 10 commandments for a list. But God was willing to have some mercy, which we don’t deserve because we are all guilty of our sins. At least God was willing to have at least some mercy, better than no mercy at all.
Isaiah 1:9
King James Version (KJV)
9 Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant (God’s elects), we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.
Romans 9:29
King James Version (KJV)
29 And as Esaias said before, Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed (God’s elects), we had been as Sodoma, and been made like unto Gomorrha.
If God didn’t chose anybody to be saved, God would still be just in sending us all to the lake of fire which we all deserve because we are all guilty of our sins. Be thankful that God was willing to have some undeserved mercy, which is better than no mercy at all.
Jesus came to save us elects out of sin and the lake of fire.

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During 1995 while I was deeply meditating the Energy Cloud was giving me information about a new kind of meditation that had not been practiced by people. It also gave me instructions on how I should practice this kind of meditation and how I should spread it. The Energy Cloud told me the following about it:
"This method of meditation that you have started practicing with your sons is the true way towards the spiritual development. It is also the only one that can be taught and yet give the maximum results. It is the correct one exactly because one meditates in a natural way in
harmony with the level one has attained and because there is a natural cause for it – appeal and paranormal powers. Its effects are constantly coordinated with the level of the person's development. The aim of this meditation is to gradually adjusting a person's brain so that it can function on as low frequency as possible, i.e. that brainwaves should be as low as possible. As you know, the Unique Field is the source of a great number of paranormal powers, but approaching them depends on the level of the brainwave frequency: the lower they are, the higher the powers.
Your method is the only one that capacitates people to reach the frequency of brain of 0.15 Hz. One would take on average a couple of years of practice to reach the level. I take the lead once a person reaches the 0.15 Hz, because a man can not practice the further lowering of the frequency alone. Under my supervision and with my assistance, one can reach enlightenment in five to ten years. Soon after, both the luminous bodies may mature. All the other methods take twenty to thirty years of meditation, with very slim chances of success.
Your method is a revolutionary one and nobody has tried it yet. In a couple of years you will develop a system that can be taught and that will be applied all over the world. Thanks to this meditation technique, a great number of people will considerably raise the level of their
paranormal powers, and many of them will, with my assistance, be able to reach the greatest human goal – the enlightenment. That is why this meditation can be rightly called – ROAD TO ENLIGHENMENT."
Today, the Road to Enlightenment Meditation is applied in Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, USA (there are meditation groups in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Atlanta Ga. and Sarasota, Fla.)

The Holy Knowledge-ENERGY MEDICINE

Energy medicine is the medicine of the future! Why?
The cause of most chronic diseases lies in harmful effects our daily stresses and negative thoughts have on us. These are: hatred, fear, sorrow, discontentment. They can be affected with useful energies and the diseases withdraw, without any medicaments. Considering the fact that both the cause of the disease and the healing have energy in common, this method of healing can be called ENERGY MEDICINE. All the ENERGY MEDICINE healing products of Ljubisa Stojanovic, Ph.D, and Nebojsa and Miroslav Stojanovic, Masters of Traditional and Folk Medicine, consist of two parts.
The body of the product such as: metal pendant, plastic button, pills and creams made of Vaseline and paraffin, which are completely harmless and play no role in the healing process. Invisible useful energies which their authors, using their prayers in deep meditation, lead into the body of the product where they stays forever. Their constant activity upon the patient leads gradually to healing.
All of the Energy Medicine products are completely harmless and have no counter-indications. The products of Ljubisa Stojanovic and Nebojsa and Miroslav Stojanovic represent a unique
phenomenon in this world:
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