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Welcome to the community where you can be any supernatural being you desire, If you have any questions feel free to ask me or the mods.
Please make sure to create a character before RPing

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Y/N sought a challenge, a worthy opponent so on his travels through space he landed on Arena, the small planet built for battles, and signed up to fight. Quickly defeating his opponents he reveled in his victories but desired more and that's what he got taking down monsters and gods with pleasure yet still he wanted more a true opponent.

"Is that the best you've got" he yelled out pacing around occasionally trying to get the ladies attentions, "Have you got no one strong enough to defeat me" he yelled again finally coming to a stop and smiling "I challenge you" Arena went quiet with slight gasps, everyone was shocked to challenge the king himself and waited for a response, there was a pause then he arose from his seat and with a small nod he removed his cloak and jumped down "Your arrogance will be your downfall" he smiled softly and readied himself

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+Blaze Maliki

Damian was traveling from place to place assessing them to see how the residents were and problems they faced, he was at his last stop in hell when he decided he wanted a bit of entertainment so he finished his assessment and stopped by the hell pit a place for fighters too lazy to journey to Arena but vicious enough to still fight and kill. Damian enjoyed fighting just as much as watching them which was why when a champion was chose he would fight them.

"Is there anyone in this hellhole who can actually fight" A fighter has bested everyone who dare fight and became champion but still desired more "If I knew it was this easy I would have gone to the Alchemy gardens and played with the animals there that would have been more entertaining" Damian knew fighters like this and decided he would be his next challenge so he walked into the pit with a smile and said with a joking tone "Hi I'm Damian I'll be your opponent today it seems your normal one has fallen sick may I ask your name".

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Name: Blaze Malaki

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Kind: Demon

Powers: Possession ★ Magical & Occult Knowledge
★ Superstrength
★ Control of Hellhounds
★ Telekinesis
★ Teleportation
★ Wish Granting
★ Pyrokinesis
★ Control of Light
★ Control of Subconscious

Weapons: Dual wielding Swords

Likes:Music, Animals, People (deemed worthy), Fighting

Dislikes: Idiots, Pain, hurting innocent people, absolute chaos, needless death

Bio: He grew up with normal christian family but did not act like other christian kids, he often fought with random people growing up and learned he liked to fight, in fact he loved it.... but when he turned 10 his family thought their house was hunted so they had a Priest perform and exorcism and douse the the family with holy water..... when the water touched his it burnt him in front of his family.....they were horifieied and demanded the Priest kill him, his sister who always stood bye him helped him escape, they went on the lamb and hid from the authorities because the family just said the children where missing so he would be brought back to be killed, after 3 years his sister caught a bad cold and they could not get medicine so she died, in a blinded rage he killed every thing he saw, he calmed down after a few hours and saw the destruction he caused and felt sick, he swore to him self he would not kill unless it was absolutly nessecary, he loves to fight and will accept any challenge, he is sad all the time but hides it .

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// +Blaze Maliki// As now being called "Shadow Killer", Fobika walks along the shadows. Only stepping into them when footsteps could be heard. He is in the normal village where he hunts at night and was quite hungry for blood. The famous vampire carefully tread toward a sleeping guard, his hands gently resting on the mans shoulders, not pressing pressure so he cannot feel it. Fobika was about to bite the mans neck when--

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//would anyone like to roleplay with my vampire, Fobika?//
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Yuki kuran
Pureblood vampire
Able to kill vampires with one look
Artemis sythe
Likes blood
Dislikes bullys
Was born a vampire but when i was 5 my vampire genes were taken away and i lost my memory i was attacked by a vampire after that and my brother kaname saved me. I then moved in with my adopted father kain and then years later i was turned back into a vampire

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+yuki kuran
Damian wandered through the gardens collect ingredients for his potions, stopping occasionally to admire the beauty of this place and to smell the place. He was proud of this place in all it's vast scenery and for a moment was lost in it all until he noticed the presence of someone nearby "I know your there" he said turning slightly "Come out" there was a small pause of silence then a vampire came from behind a tree

"And who might you be, another demon of my creation come to destroy this place"

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+Lord of darkness, blood and snow
Hades was sat in his throne in hell and fidgeted about, it was time of year where lust peaked with power and he even managed to influence the God of death himself making him horny. So he left and went on a tour of the underworlds, bumping into Anubis who he noticed had been affected too so he decided to stop and talk hoping it would take his mind off if "So what brings you out of Egypt" he asked in a deep and rough voice that had a small echo to it "Trying to clear my head and what about you" Anubis barked back "Funny I'm doing the same" Hades responded

They laughed for a bit having a long conversation but then Anubis blurted out "I'm glad I bumped into you or I may have never forgotten about my horny state". There was a long pause then...
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"So you say you're better than me? Let me tell you why that's bullshit."
"Am I going to have to smack a bitch? Because it is reaching my attention that I'm going to have to smack a bitch..."
"I have walked on the surface of stars, trained in the most dangerous of environments and even fought gods in fist not cross me!"
"Give me food and you'll be my best friend."

Name: Leonidas Indra
Nicknames: The Omnislayer, Leo, King of Gods, Dragon Emperor, Void Incarnate, Will of The Void
Gender: Male
Age: Over 14 Billion Years Old in his original form. 16 in his Earthling form
Relatives: Primordial Void(Creator/Home)
Eye Color: Gold(Changes when using his powers)
Hair Color: Black(Changes when using his powers)
Likes: Human food, fighting, training beyond his limits, comics, anime, getting stronger
Dislikes: cowards, cheaters, liars, thieves
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: Destroyer(In past life), High School student
Appearance: Leonidas' original form consisted of his actual body being made of pure energy held together by the armor her wore before he became flesh and bone. Leonidas now wears a black shirt that is torn at the sleeves, black jeans, a blue hoodie, and a tattered sky blue scarf. Leonidas wears blue sneakers and wears arm warmers hiding a seal or mark underneath them. Leonidas also has sky blue tribal markings on his cheeks, chest, and back. His hair goes past his shoulders and is black in color. He also has a canine tooth that sticks out when his mouth is closed.
Aura: Silver(Changes color when using his powers)
Height: Original form- 7'8" Current form- 6'2"
Weight: Original form- 225 Current form- 154
Alliance: Neutral
Personality:Leonidas is very passionate about the art of combat and literally dedicates most of his existence to perfection of all the arts in combat, he's a bit hotheaded and is usually mistaken to be naive for his forgiving nature towards anyone demons, angels, gods, blasphemous humans, etc. Outside the fields of battle Leonidas is quite the gentleman, he also has a sense of morality and honor. Leonidas is very sensitive to the words of others and what happens to those around him due to the countless times he's had to endure the pain of loss.
Race: Hakaishin/Half-Transcendent Djinn
Bio: Leonidas was created by chaos and the primordial Void itself and resided in the infinite expansion outside all of the realms and all of Creation as an entity of only pure instinct and that instinct was the simple need to grow stronger, he gained a more stable body over time during his time in the Void before leaving and spending time on a training journey for billions of years throughout the entire multiversal expansion. While his original self was training he fought several gods such as Zeus, Odin, Ra, some minor gods and has won though the fight with Ra was rather tough despite having an advantage. He fought devils and mythical beasts that were spoken of in legends such as Fenrir, Apophis, The Leviathan. Eventually Leonidas grew tired of his body that had suffered so much and decided to reincarnate himself into a boy raised on Earth who would not be human but the will of his original self. During his second life he was adopted and raised by a small family in the country side, the family knew about his powers and sought to use them for their own personal gain. Due to the nature of his powers Leonidas and the abuse he had begun enduring at the hands of his "family" he killed them in a rage and went out on his own seeking purpose, eventually Leonidas met a man who began training him to control his powers but like the last people that cared for him the man became greedy and was corrupted. Leonidas was kept locked away from the outside world for years finally escaping when he was 12 and being tortured for hours at a time. The man had been abusing Leonidas' ability to grant wishes and due to a loop hole in his wish was killed. Eventually Leonidas became somewhat cold to the rest of the world and rather untrusting to anyone when they got near him, he doesn't interact with anyone. Finally, as a result of being reincarnated Leonidas does not remember anything of his former life though he has inherited his former skills and powers he must learn how to use them through training as he did all those billions of years ago so in order to gain control over his abilities like before he enrolled in a school for the supernaturally gifted.
Hakaishin Physiology- Leonidas was a God of Destruction after gaining power over the years, as the name implies Leonidas is a being who's main ability is destruction in every sense of the word. It also makes him a master combatant or can even be referred to as an "Ultimate Fighter" as he is a master of Divine Combat but he's also mastered the art of teleportation though there are limits to how far he may travel.
Transcendent(debatable due to only being half) Djinn Physiology- Leonidas can grant wishes but will only tell those he truly trusts about this power due to an inability to resist the command(Explanation why he was abused for his power), for example if you commanded him saying "I wish for you to be my slave." He would have no choice but to obey even if he tries to resist eventually he will lose the internal conflict and give in. While using Wish Granting Leonidas can grant the wishes of an individual however, once he uses this ability it shall not return to him for a full year. The wish is limited to certain rules such as being unable to resurrect the dead, kill another, he cannot harm himself using the wishes or another, and anything that would that involves beings of a higher class.
Chi/Ki/Chakra Manipulation- Leonidas controls the natural energy that flows throughout all things in all of creation and is able to use it in various ways such as empowering his attacks or defenses, enhancing his state of mind, etc. Leonidas can tap into the darker side of the natural energy flowing throughout all of creation which makes his power more sinister in nature and raising them to new heights though in order to do this his negative emotions must be at their peak and he must give in to them. Once his power turns dark he seems to control the forces of chaos tapping into the force of his original self and The Void. When his powers turn dark and Chaotic people around him turn corrupt and this can happen even when he's normal due to how much chaos was used to create his original self.
Aether Manipulation- Leonidas had gained mastery over the force from which the four fundamental forces and Chi/Ki themselves originate. Otherwise known as the Fifth Element.
Esoteric Sun Manipulation- Leonidas had control over the legendary powers of the sun spoken of only in ancient stories. He gains a boost from solar energy. Wish Granting Leonidas can grant the wishes of an individual however, once he uses this ability it shall not return to him for a full year. The wish is limited to certain rules such as being unable to resurrect the dead, kill another, more wishes, and anything that would make that involves beings of a higher class
Inner Beast- Has a creature inside of him that overshadows the monsters he's faced in the countless stories of ancient people in Egypt, Greece, Romania, etc.
*Devices/Weapons*: A sword made from the Neutron Star Core the densest metal in the known universe as well as Orichalcum a mythical metal that is said to be unbreakable. The blade was named Jihad meaning Holy War, the blade is capable of extending to approximately thirty meters even after being reincarnated the sword seems to recognize the spirit of its master and follows Leonidas..everywhere..and I do mean literally can't be permanently taken away without somehow appearing at his side.
Feats: Leonidas as his original self has fought other gods and come out on top each time. He also fought devils and divine beasts and managed to slay or defeat them. However, as his current self he lacks the discipline, technique, power, etc. That his other self had mastered and perfected over billions of years.
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