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As announced a few weeks back, we are organizing the first ever happened in Greece Indoor-Walk.

Despite in Greece is not available, yet, inside sources can entrust us as official community to be able to upload and review all of our indoor maps.

What is interesting about indoor maps:
1. Graphic - you can have your tailored indoor map (according to Google Maps policy) with awesome icons and clear directions
2. You can promote a multi-floor store (for example a Mall, a Public building and so on)

So during the DevFest | 28-30 of November in Thessaloniki we will have a special indoor Google Maps workshop on how to upload indoor maps ... ...

More info on our site, very soon and on our posts here in G+ ..

So arm yourselves and get ready for indoor-walking

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Anyone who wants to join us?
Join us for the first #Geowalk   + #Mapmaker  event in Ioannina
A full weekend of collecting + uploading + reviewing local businesses or interesting point of Ioannina*

+IEK DELTA and +GDG Thessaloniki are collaborating for uploading and promoting local businesses and points of interest in Ioannina, while explaining and showcasing on how to improve your presence online and through +Google Maps .

FRIDAY 8 OF MAY | afternoon upon arrival
Presentation of GDG
Intro on #Geowalk   + Google  #MapMaker  
Registartions and T-Shirts give away
GDG goes wild in Ioannina ;-)

10:00 Energizing breakfast
10:30 - 11:15 Hands on Geowalk, disclosure of itineraries and GeoTeam making
11:15 - 14:30 Collecting data and info of local businesses and points of interest of the city
14:30 *GeoSelfie" time: Group picture at the meeting point, fun in the square
15:00 Uploading data with #MapMaker  Google Tool
17:30 Digital Certificates + official Google Maps badges (digital) for all participants
GDG goes even wilder in Ioannina

Hey the official GDG Thess is in town, ask us everything you might need to know about Google products! ;-)

For more info we suggest you call IIEK DELTA secretariat at : 2310-226318

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Warming up ... ... ...

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Hi there mapmakers.
We have been invited to make a few workshops and to support an interesting project which will take place in three different Greek destinations.

While all the expenses will be paid, all the support and "hotline" work will be based on volunteer effort to help create different communities in Greece.

What do you think? Engaged enough to board this adventure?

Awesome swags and gadgets for everybody helping out, along with special mapmakers exclusive parties and lots of fun!

Ping us at if you are interested to find out more!


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Ready for GeoWalk indoor?

Stay tuned for more info!

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Ready and in town?

Reach out!

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Hey there ... ... we were checking today ... ... and see what we have found? ;-)
Integration of our GeoWalk sphere images into Street View ... ... only one week after Street View launched in Greece! Isn't it awesome?
So are you ready for GeoWalk2 ... ... stay tuned and visit often our Google IO Extended event's page here on Google+ as we are getting ready to announce ... ... 

+Dimos Karadimos +Lia Terzidou +kiriakos poursanidhs +Tornike Shavidze  get your gears ready!

PS. Who was the Diamond Awarded team? ... ... well well an unexpected surprise is coming to Thessaloniki especially for you and your awesomeness!

#streetview   #mapmaker   #mapthessmaker   #mapthessmaker2   #google  

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It was awesome!

We would like to thank our supporters:
+HELEXPO - Thessaloniki +TIF - HELEXPO 
+Iek Delta 
+zooradio thessaloniki 

Our awesome team leaders:
+Dimos Karadimos 
+Lia Terzidou
+kiriakos poursanidhs 
+Tornike Shavidze 

And all the Mapmakers that "pinned" the City ... ... are you ready for GeoWalk II ?  Soon announcements ;-)


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So MapMakers!
Here are the guidelines for joining us at the first ever happened GeoWalk in Greece - Thessaloniki, this Saturday the 31 of May in pre-selected zones!

Please follow the guidelines and the link to submit your interest in participate and the opportunity to enter the competition and get your T-Shirt!

A few general answers to possible preliminary questions (Please stay updated and visit often our site, as from tonight we will continuously uploading important info and details!)

Who will receive the certificates of participation?
All the people who turned up on Saturday the 24 at our workshop
Who will receive the T-Shirts?
As there were a lot of requests, we have uploaded this final & last form for you to be able to join us on the GeoWalk this Saturday in Thessaloniki, and get your T-Shirt! Remember that First come First Served - apart from the participants of the workshop that ensured theirs (please refer to your team leader for your size, if you haven't informed us yet, by tomorrow the 27 of May)
Who can participate on the GeoWalk on Saturday?
Everybody is welcome to participate, after have agreed to the Terms & Conditions and have filled the form - Important Notice: _Please understand that filling the form, will not ensure you to get your T-Shirt for this Saturday, but if you are an active MapMaker ... ... awesomeness can happen! On the other hand, by filling the form you will entitle yourself to enter the competition!

For updates and more info ... ... stay alert ;-)

References & Team Leaders:
1. TIF-HELEXPO | +Lia Terzidou 
2. LIMANI LADADIKA | +Dimos Karadimos 
3. ARISTOTELOUS | +kiriakos poursanidis 
4. NEA PARALIA | +Tornike Shavidze 
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