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Ok so some basic rules for the community.
The sign up info and what you do if you faint outside of town or in a dungeon is in the community description

Ok so first off, general rules.
Cussing and swearing are allowed but only in roleplay terms. In other words, if it's outside of a roleplay or in a discussion, bullying and being mean will not be tolerated if you are caught bullying then you will be banned.
Spam posts and "reshare" posts are allowed......but don't post them to much as to keep people from being frustrated about spam.
If you faint in a dungeon post a rescue in the "rescue request" category. If you're not rescued within four days of sending the rescue out then you'll be kicked out of the dungeon and lose all of your money that isn't in the bank.

Shop owners, the shop types are in the community description in the shop creation template. Also the items that the stores sell must go along with the store you run.

Those are the rules for now have fun!!

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I was going to see if this place could be revived but at this point Idk if the owner is active

I know I've been away for a while but I'm back to kick some butt in wild canyon ya here. Sorry for the absence everyone school and family has hit me pretty hard, but I'm here and ready to role play. I'm making a few new OC's retaining to the aloa region

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Personality:Loud and Proud but stays calm and serious in important situations
Bio:You know I've completed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of The Sky and I only cried for 20 minutes!

Ok let's cut to the chase I'm a Squirtle that never really thought would get to save everyone's butts but Welp here I am now!If you'd like a good team mine's Team Aqua well see ya later or see ya on my team:)...

Team Aqua
Leader:Alexander the Squirtle
#1:Alexander(Me basically)

Update I am now available for RPs now so anyone wants to start one with me can

( +Dames Zhealfor​ please join)
I stare at all the other teams as I walk down treasure town and sigh at the sight of them all.
Felix: (I'm the only solo team here, but that was my decision and I guess I'll have to stand by it.....but. it does get lonely, being by yourself on every mission and not really having a fellow pokemon to help you fight and rescue people but........maybe I'll meet someone who's not in a team that's not garatina and ask them)
I bump into a pangoro while not paying attention
(Please ask to join)

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+Dames Zhealfor I walk to the entrance of the underground dungeon, holding my green leaf in my mouth. I pull out a dusty map as I chuckle Yeah this is the place.

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Name: Burt (nickname Bur or sensei)

Species: Pangoro

Personality: can be grumpy at times but mostly funny and caring.

Bio: my name is sensei Burt. I am a proud Pangoro. Although most outsiders say that we are violent or dangerous to be around, I on the other hand am slightly more gentler one. I have a son, his name is Palmer.
Through the years of training I have learned what it means to be a companion, to be a worthy adversary, and a caring father. I am one of the toughest teachers when it comes to the arts of Judo and tai Kwan do.

Several years ago my wife Clorita passed away from illness and ever since then it was hard for me to take care of my son. I was trying to see if I could get a job in the nearby Poké towns. Just my luck I saw a poster saying "Team Black and White now recruiting". So I took the offer and started to coop with that team.

Now I am yet an old Pokémon of age 60. My son is still a young Pancham. I request that whoever will decide to let me join a team let my son in as well he had been feeling left out lately

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I just got this game before I open is it any good
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