The work which must have been done by all the members for this week-end is the following:
Making the following researches for each country member of Asean, the countries were split up among the team members (1 or 2 country per member to focus on) :
- GDP Growth
- Projected future Growth
- Future strategy
- Levels of corruption
- Financial infrastructure
- Regulation, Governmental attitude toward foreign direct investments, levels of legal uncertainty
- Influence of religion
- Opportunities in sectors: Airport, Toll Roads, Construction, Services
Otherwise we try to meet all together every week to share ideas, work and the plan for next meeting (division of work and progression for next week), generally it’s on Wednesdays at 11h30 am English Hour.

Welcome to Phase 2 Communities – TASK REQUIREMENT

Dear all,

Having posted your profiles on the Phase 1 communities (thank you to all concerned, it is very helpful to have a sense of who we all are..)

Phase 2 Communities have been set up, with the intention that these spaces can become working spaces for sharing and collecting information, etc., relating to the Project brief. Additionally, they can be supplemented by the use of Google Drive to build shared finished documents for the Project 1 submission, and Google Hang-Outs when you need to work more interactively (“synchronously” in the terms applied to virtual working).

We will not, however, monitor these spaces in detail, and you may – as a group choose to use other software to enable your working.

The only fixed requirement we have in this phase is for each group to post a short weekly project report in the community, giving some details on progress, events, attendances and contributions amongst the group. Posting deadlines are:

• Sunday 20 November
• Sunday 27 November

Remember that the hand-in submission will be Friday 2 December, in the phase 3 Communities (which will be set up nearer the time)


Eric, Laurence, Alexandrine, Diana

Some general advice on using Google + and Google Drive

The following are tutorial links, where you can learn more about the software and workspaces we are using for the Project:




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