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If you know about a meetup or conference in your area, please post a link to it here

Is the moderator awake? Is there moderation in this group?

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Bitcoin Isn't the Only Cryptocurrency in Town

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It's time to put so many women on stage that people don't think twice about women being experts.

If you’ve NEVER spoken at a conference before, this is your chance.
IIeX Europe 2017, the Insight and Innovation conference in Amsterdam, is preparing a special track just for brand new speakers. Speakers get free registration.

What to speak about? Anything that touches market research. Biometrics, neuroscience, eye-tracking, artificial intelligence, facial coding, Internet-of-Things, virtual reality, augmented reality, fMRI, analytics, data science, mobile research, customer experience, MROCs, sentiment analysis, gaming, wearables, behavioral economics, brain science, audience measurement, branding, polling, focus groups, questionnaires, dashboards, panels, sampling, project management, questionnaire programming, DIY.

If you really want to speak and don’t have a topic, submit some general ideas and we might get in touch with you anyways. Send me a message to say you’re interested and let’s see what we can do.

Submissions are due by November 30, 2016.
Let's show our industry how awesome first time speakers are.

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As a Nigerian, I just witnessed my country's currency fall from about 280 to a dollar to about 500 to the dollar in less than 4 months.

1. I strongly believe that #Bitcoin  is best suited for economies like mine.
2. I think Fintech is becoming a real problem with that "The true genius is not in Bitcoin, it is in the blockchain" stuff they keep regurgitating.

Please read my little article and tell me what you think?

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¿Te gustaría aprender a ganar 6.000 euros
en 60 días..?
¡No estoy bromeando!
De Lunes a Viernes tendremos conferencias
en vivo a las 18:00 horas de España en las
que te enseñamos a ti y a tus invitados
exactamente... cómo puedes conseguir
resultados extraordinarios con ExireCloud
en tiempo record... Aqui te dejo un enlace para que puedas asistir a la conferencia.....
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