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Captain: +Jenna Stewart aka Joe Dragneel 
First officer: +Knox Corbin 
Tactical: +Daniel Edwards 
Science: +Neptune Violet 
Chief Engineer: (open)
Chief of Security: +Ricky 
Helm Officer: (open)
Communications officer: +Broly 
Operations officer: (open) 
Medical: +Art Canvas 
Chef: (open)

Name: Broly
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Species: Saiyan
Special Abilities: 
Division: Command
Likes: Fighting, Food, and Fighting
Dislikes: Kakarot, Shirts, People, Small spaces, and Annoyances
Personality: Secluded,  Introverted, Standoffish, Confident
Bio: Landed on Earth 7 years ago and began to kill Civilians. After a long drawn out fight the police managed to subdue the base form Broly. For his crimes he was given an Ultimatum: Join Starfleet or  be in a ki suppressing cell for the rest of his existence.

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Name: Joe Dragneel
Gender: female
age: 18
species: 1/2 saiyan 1/4 human 1/4 Time Lord
Special abilities:flight, ki manipulation, all known cannon forms of super saiyan, vampire form which I stay in quite a lot, and a transformation that turns me into a neko with cat ears in all of my forms, fire dragon slayer magic
Division: Command
rank: Captain
likes: my ship, my crew, my friends which i consider my crew to be, my family, romulans
dislikes: bullies, injustice, mistreatment of any sentient beings
personality: Kind, easy going, friendly, will socialize with any and all crew no matter their rank and division, very informal compared to most other Starfleet captains
Me- I am Captain Joe Dragneel of the Federation star ship Voyager-B, I received this command with a little help from Admiral Kathryn Janeway, the captain of the original star ship Voyager, after I graduated star fleet academy at the top of my class and I caught her eye. We became friends. Heck she practically adopted me.  and as a "birthday present" she pulled a few strings and got me this command. Now if any members of the crew have something that's bothering them come talk to me. I'm doubling as ships counselor as well. giggles Yeah I'm pretty informal compared to most other captains. Don't be surprised if I call you by name instead of by rank...
Unnamed crewman- Captain a small fire has broken out on deck 13!
Me- OwO Fire!!! Nom nom nom nom nom!!!! goes to deck 13 and eats the fire
Unnamed crewman- Captain have some manners!
Me- goes into neko mode Nuuuuuu! You can't make me!
Unnamed crewman: sighs She really is the most informal captain in starfleet.
Me- Formalities went out the airlock once you mentioned fire! starts doing cartwheels in the air Weeeeeee!
Unnamed crewman: facefloors
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Name: Knox Corbin
Age: 19
Species: Human Cyborg
Special Abilities: Energy Manipulation, super speed (speed of light), super strength, Infinity Stone of Power (the red one)(look it up), can see in the dark, Jumping (Another name for teleportation, I only have to see the area before or a picture of it.)Nails and teeth harder than diamond.
Division: Command
Likes: Funny people, being sarcastic, fighting, exploring, food, and having a good time.
Dislikes: people who confuse me, people who try to take my Infinity Stone.
Personality: Sarcastic, Confident, easily confused.
Bio: Graduated 2nd in class (after Joe(Damn)) I was hand picked by Joe to be her first officer on the USS Voyager NCC-74656-B.
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