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Come on guys make profiles i dont want to be the only one

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((please copy and paste-up to TWO characters per person))
Name: Adelina
Last Name(If Silver- must have house name. If Red-Any last name): Haven
House Colors: black
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Weight: 115lbs
Body Type:
Eye Color: copper
Eye Type: almond
Eye Shape: deep set
Eye Looks: only eyeliner
Hair Color: brown
Hair Length: just long enough to cover her chest
Hair Type: thick
Hair Looks: any kind of up do she rarely let's her hair down
Skin Type: soft yet oily
Skin Color: fair
Casual outfit: leggings a and a light pink silk off the shoulders top a black corset on top of the shirt and High heel boots
Ball outfit (silvers anything you want just use your house colors unless you use same then you can wear armor): a black long sleeve crop top, and a black full length high waisted skirt.
Accessories: she wears a ring with a black band and a diamond in the middle.
Personality:she enjoys learning especially when it is something we don't typically learn about in school for example Astronomy, or Multi- Religious Theory. Things like this she just find fascinating. Hope is also a quick thinker she can switch from one idea to another with no effort at all, however she uses her prior knowledge  to prove her points.

Adelina is very original as well, she finds it very boring to do thing a specific way. So basically she will take the information she needs and then will make something even better that proves her point and expresses herself at the same time. Doing things in her own way just make her happier and she finds it more enjoyable to do. Adding on to being original Hope loves to brainstorm she feels that's when she has the most creative freedom. She could come up with a scenario and give you a list of possible outcomes just from 10 minutes of storming, but she does reject her own ideas if she feels they don't make sense.

She very confident, and charismatic. She has been able to take a topic that is very boring, and had no interest for at all and turn it into something fun and informative.  If she giving a speech adelina doesn't Show anything but confidences mainly because she won't doubt her  skills or abilities.

However she's very argumentative and   insensitive as well. If she's in a debate she doesn't really think of it as anything more of a mental exercise, so nothing is sacred. She will go where she pleases and  will tear there argument to bits and pieces leaving the room really tense. Hope is very rational and has this really bad tendency to misjudge feelings of others and in any scenario could take things to far.

She also very intolerant, if people can't back up their reasonings for anything, action or argumentative. She tend to think of them as ignorant and  doesn't reject the idea but the person and will typically not want anything to do with them.

Finally she finds it difficult to focus, if she has something exciting going on she ignores what is being said completely and focus on that one thing, or she'll just be bored and move to another topic of interest. The only way she seem to focus when this happens is if she doodles on paper or tap on the  desk or twitches basically just moving around.
Other Looks(put your work out out fit however it has to be a jumpsuit with your house colors): she wears literally an all black jumpsuit
Weapon(s)((optional)):a dagger she keeps in her boot
Abilities(If Silver-Must correlate with house. ): Light manipulation
Other: she has a bad habit of muttering what she says under her breath if she feels it doesn't make sense
(Post a real picture of your character and there outfits no cartoon please
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