So hey I have this other account and it shared with another girl, she's not a diabetic but she's my only friend who really has an interest in exploring into it more she even checks her sugars and is going to put a site in. So we decided to make a program thing that will help diabetics in 3rd world countries who can't afford glucometes, test strips, needles and insulin to get those things. And yes we are young but if we can just make 1 or 2 people life's different it would be amazing!! So out other account it is @diabeticsofourworld on instagram and we would appreciate the support with a shout out if you don't mind?!?

Please donate and help us support diabetics in Canada. Our original goal was to reach out to diabetics living in third world countries without the proper medical care. However, we realized that this would be a big challenge and we choose to start small and get bigger. We have created a group on the JDRF page and please donate to them to help diabetes research.
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