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Thoughts Are Powerful!
Writing with a mixture of psychology, science and spirituality, Dreams Are Reality is the story of Vanaja’s personal evolution.  She writes honestly and intimately about experiences in her life when negative mental patterns emerged and became part of her bio-memory.  Vanaja shares the techniques she used to overcome fear, greed, jealousy, worry and many other limiting beliefs so anyone could achieve his true potential.  She wants everyone to realize their innate strengths and powers.  Moreover, Vanaja wants every being to understand we are all one and when one person succeeds, all those around us triumph as well.   Anything done with passion and intensity brings joy to those around him.  One person’s smile and laughter could help 100’s around him.  We are all connected as one.  Divided we are mere fragments.  Together, we could change the world!

It's Time To Celebrate!
Releasing fears will allow our civilization to go back to its utopian beginnings.  Imagine a planet with a booming economy, healthcare reform that benefits every individual, a new educational paradigm, elimination of starvation and the disengagement of all nuclear weapons.  Imagine a society where humanitarian and environmental projects are funded so our ecosystem is restored.  Imagine that God exists in every entity whether it is a person, mountain, ocean, animal, plant, star, or universe. Our mother earth has gone through a major transformation in 2012, bringing us into the 5th dimension.  Does that excite you, give you chills and make you giddy?  Vanaja explains in Dreams Are Reality that these changes and more started happening in the year 2012 and the positive thoughts and energy from the masses has already created a monumental shift in history.

The Secrets Of The Unive​rse  Are Revealed
The Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012.  The prophecy did not proclaim the doom and gloom that everyone imagined.  Instead, the world as we knew it ended and a planet of love, peace and compassion  emerged.  Vanaja unravels the secrets of the universe in this powerful, humorous, mystical and suspenseful must-have book.
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