+Steven Schoen just to keep you informed I have found another bug with Put.io latest version.

Problem Procedure Details:

1.) Connect Device to Chromecast.
2.) Cast any video file.
3.) Drag down the android notification tab from the top of the screen and select the Put.io Chromecast now playing notification.

4.) Press the down arrow at the top left of the screen unexpectedly closes the application to Android's desktop rather than taking back to the Put.io app.

Managed to replicate this issue everytime and this functionality worked in the previous version.

I hope this helps.

it looks like 4.2's just about ready for release. If anyone is running into any issues on beta 4, please let me know!

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Redesigning file details!

Just put out 4.2 beta 1. Normally this would be a regular release, but a lot of the networking code was changed and I want to make sure there are no issues. Soon I'll have more time to work on the app and add features I've been wanting to do for a while!

Check out the shortcuts for adding transfers on 7.1+ (long-press the app's icon), and an adaptive icon for Oreo!

Does anyone in this group have a Fire TV? If so, I've got a couple questions.

The next beta with TV fixes is up. This one has an all-new player, and it should be much more stable. Let me know how it goes!

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+Steven Schoen​ just thought I'd let you know I think I've found another bug where the 'Files' tab just shows a white background and no files or folders (see screenshot).

I am running 4.1 beta-1 and will continue to try and reproduce the error, so we can workout why its happening.

Let be know what you think mate.

Just put out the first beta update with TV fixes. Tons of issues with browsing folders were fixed, and that part should be pretty solid. Let me know if you run into any issues browsing your files and picking a video.

Next, I'll be working on the player itself. I'm aware that it has plenty of issues so I'm probably going to redo it from the ground up, so no bug reports are necessary for that just yet (on 4.1 beta 1).

In 4.0.9, I re-added the ability to jump right to a file by selecting a completed transfer. It was a little more complex than I foresaw, so would you guys mind testing this a bit and letting me know if you run into any issues?


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What's next?
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Tablet enhancements
TV fixes
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