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okay who I have picked as my helps or heads don't be mean k!
+Kagamine Len (head demon))
+Alice Sweethearrt (2nd head of angels)
+Ruby Røse ((2nd head of demons)
use ur power well & don't pck on others if anything happens here u r here to help

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Name: Snowflake Cold

Age: 16

species: Snow angel (she is an angel of snow)

Likes: snow, the cold, kindness, good hearted people, smiling, water, ice, wind, clouds

Dislikes: warmth, fire, sun, jerks, players, rude people

Bio: I was held in the labratory for seven years for unknown reasons. They tested me and injected me with many different fluids. Then whatever they did failed and left me out in the snowy cold forest. I wandered around, starting to get frost bite. I stopped in a cave and curled into myself. Sometime I had fainted for unknown reasons. It could have been the cold or the stuff they injected me with. When I awoke I had white feathery wings that sparkled like snow on my back and my long brown hair turned white. My eyes turned a crystally blue and my skin became paler. I also found myself in a short whitish-purplish-blueish dress that sparkled like crystals. There were low sleeves that didn't connect to the dress. The coldness no longer bothered me anymore too.
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I found my way to this school and entered myself to join. I slowly make way in for my first day shyly

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gezz this place is dead..
better light it up...
brights the place with a blast of snow

right we need more rp's here I have made some helps so please help make this group better xx
-head angel

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Name: Sapphire
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Angel 
Likes: guys hugs
Dislikes: abuse

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name:Alice Anna Sweethearrt


species:angelic cat

like:blood,gore,love,cats,people who dont bully

dislikes:dogs,water,people who bully

bio:at  13 dad died , my mom abused me and my sisters mary and jessica ,mom killed mary and jessica died three weeks ago , killed my mom.jeff and his fam. takes care of me now
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+Midnight Neko  this is sin urs with the blonde  hair
+Alice Sweethearrt  niki is urs with the white hair
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+Alice Sweethearrt
+Midnight Neko
we u guys please write urselfs profiles please & if u want a house or a dorm & do u want a boy angel or a boy demon
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