Name : Codester Wilson
Age: 12
Likes: the pink bear (appears in "the lesson), meat and sunglasses
Dislikes : kids, vegetarians
Family :
Rachel (sister)
Tobias ( brother)
personality : codester can be out going but he gets shy around P.B (pink bear). Other times when he gets picked on he triggers and either breaks something or try's to hurt someone but then he gets detention

Okay I forgot mostly every thing but I'm writing down the appearance

He wears multiple colored shirts always with a white vest, wears sweats like any color, Marron shoes

Desc : Codester first came to Elmore when he was 7 and he settled in at Elmore junior high. He was usually left alone due to how easy he triggers, but that changed after he first went to detention for the first time... He kinda got a liking for the pink bear.... But still he thinks that the bear already likes someone else so he, usually after school, starts kicking a bunch of garbage bins :)

Btw I am very sorry if I forgot something

Name: Lindsey Watterson

Age: 10

Likes her family her friends pink

Dislikes: Zach pasta and school





Darwin ( twin)


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Well this OC is kinda old but...
Name : Shatania Willis
Age : 12
Family : Willis
School : EJHS
Mother : Sally Willis
Father : Adam Willis
Kins : N/A
Personality : A bit of a mixed personality, normally nice, but can act a bit edgy, shy, moody, or depressed at random times due to trouble handling emotions.
Description : Pic can be
Bio : "A young snow leopard with a dream" as she would explain herself in the most dramatic way possible. At a younger age, she was bullied in school, once so bad the majority of the school was doing it at the same time. Due to this, she may not be as open to new people that seem suspicious to her. Her hobbies include singing and art, and she has a crush on Darwin Watterson.

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