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The latest version of the game is now available for all players:! Here is the list of innovations:
- Coming soon! A crashed airplane was found near your base. In order to restore it you will have to collect elements of a special Collection that can be found in Invasions, PvP battles and received for completing special missions.
- Invasions! The forces of the sneaky General Blood are invading already cleared bases of the Campaign. Defeat them to earn extra resources!
- Daily bonuses! Log in to the game daily to receive precious gifts – resources, badges, diamonds and other great stuff! Each 7th day you will get a hi-tech detail – collect them all to place a new unique cannon on your base and scare your enemies with the power of your defense!
- General improvements and bug fixes.
Enjoy the game!

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Show us your base, and explain why it is the best, maybe we can help you to be better, or not.💪

кто продает базу пишите в личку срочноо

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Commanders! The main part of the recent update – the majestic monuments – is on today’s agenda! We would like to bring to your attention this FAQ created for all devotees of unique bonuses.
- To get started you need to construct the special Foundry building. You can find the Foundry in the game Market in the Resources section. The Foundry is available for level 4 and higher Command Centers. After upgrading you Foundry, you will be able to build extra monuments.
- There are three types of monuments in the game that can give you a defense, an attack or a resource production bonus. For example, you can get a defense monument that increases the Health of all buildings on your base, an attack monument that increases the Health of your troops or a resource monument that increases the production of gold on your base.
- To watch the full list of all available monuments tap the Monument Collections button at the Foundry. You can also see there the requirements for creating certain types of monuments. 
- Note that you cannot place two identic monuments on your base. For example, you cannot place two silver monuments that increase the attack of the cannons. Still you can place a silver and a golden monument that have the same bonus.
- After you have collected enough badges, you will be able to create a monument with a random bonus at the Foundry. During one hour after you have created this monument, you can attempt to change its power using diamonds. In case of failure of this operation, the previous power of bonus will remain safe.
- Afterwards, you can try to change the bonus’s power with badges or diamonds, but in case of failure, the power or the bonus will be decreased.
Now you know everything! Start you amazing journey right now – the Jungle is waiting for you!

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