This is my short story
I do not know why I stopped by the car to pick up, on the day when the rain was falling like a torrent, because it seemed to me a miserable poor man sinking in the rain, looking in vain for a taxi that late day ... and when he sat on the seat next to me he was panting Wigmf - thank you. He did not even try to look at my face, but looked forward as he dried his face with a dirty handkerchief and I took off the car. He was tall and tall and healed his features about something of rigor and cruelty. He shook his head positively, and did not utter a single letter. The radio went quietly, until I stopped at a station where music came from in its softness. My car continued silently. The music stopped abruptly and the announcer said: Ladies and gentlemen, my Excellency has issued a statement warning citizens From a runaway thief. The man appeared to be influenced by the man, and moderation to listen to the attention and the announcer continues: This thief is very madly dangerous, despite his normal appearance, he is skinny, tall, and .... I looked at the face of the man, The murderer, who fled the prison this evening of the bloody type, who loves bloodletting, and murder for the sake of murder, say self-aware that this kind of crazy killers holds a passion for the torture of others and the sight of blood , And ........ Gary was moderated by himself, at this point, and he looked forward to my face in tension And his hand stuck to one of the keys of the metal, which is used to repair the car, and go up to me ..... Suddenly pressed on the brakes of the car and stopped the car in violence, and the man rushed forward, and when he was speeding, my hand was rising above his head with heavy metal rod .... .. And Hit on his head with a metal rod and crashed his skull in the sound of sound ..... But I did not stop .... I beat him and hit him .... And beating him ... The announcer continues: Interior Ministry asks citizens not to provoke that slander, He faces them violently as we said - he loves to see the blood how they knew that I love the blood ..... and I gave a loud laugh and I hit the skull broken violently ... And blood is scattered. .. Scattering .... Scattering ....

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