i need these questionnaires for my research...if anyone have kindly share with me
1: children friendship expectation questionnaire
2:fear of negative evaluation
3:social anxiety scale for children
4: loneliness and social dissatisfaction scale ....
    need these urgent

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Psychopath ADDICTS DO  ...put on a show for others -
They have not read "The Body Language of Liars" by Lillian Glass

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With my blog, i try to write what would have helped me with my anxiety earlier: a crash-course in recognizing personality disorders IN PARENTS. These days, there is a lot of youth-diagnosing going on... which is often just the tip of the iceberg of a systemic family issue, caused by mental conditions in parents.

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My mentor, +Denise Michaels , is putting together her first "Ready. Set! WRITE!!" group book coaching program for 2014. Groups are filling up fast. Did you set a goal to write your how-to or personal growth book this year?

What are the virus that attach our life and we need anti virus to protect our psychoware? 

I've been diagnosed with bipolar.

Strong Argument backed by mass can transform this world.  

  In India people owe their life to spiritual leaders not academies. It must change. Is it possible for teachers to work with spiritual attitude? It is missionary say a long term business. Right now they are serving their employer or bureaucrat for a suitable life. They do not take their services as service to student. They serve state or school owner. They do not take student as a long term asset. Scholars registers in Indian schools are in very poor hands. Teachers do not follow their scholar register. They don't want to see where is their asset. They know they did nothing to them. They are specialist of a subject not expert in student psychology. They know nothing about life.They know maths, commerce, science etc.
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