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Hello! welcome to a dan and phil community! although Im sure you already knew that. RULES: -Post in the right category! -Don't be rude to others!
Try to be as active as you can!
No self advertisement! 
You can't JUST watch dan, or JUST watch phil! Keep it balanced! (although you CAN have a personal opinion of course :3 ) Category guide:
Important updates! (mods and owners only) only mods and owners are allowed to post here! your post will either be removed or moved from this area if you post here.
♥Phanart♥ post your phanart here! you may post other peoples art, but you MUST credit them!
 phanfics! that's it!
♥memes, edits, and gifs♥
 you can post memes,edits,and gifs here! if you post an edit you dont own, credit the owner!
♥The Phillion Area♥
 Anything Phil related that doesn't fit into any other category!
♥The Danasour Area♥
Anything Dan related that doesn't fit into any other category!
♥Mod and owner lounge/hangout♥
 For the mods and owners to post discussions on what do next in the community!
♥llamas and lions♥
 Anything llama or lion related!

have fun and don't forget to invite your friends!

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My friend didn't reshare this... A week later his body was found in the woods.

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