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Name: Miku-chan Neko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Birthday: December 2
Species: Human/Neko
Likes: Drawing, watching anime, listening to music, reading
Dislikes: Bullying

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|Name| Haruka Nanami (七海 春歌, Nanami Haruka)

|Nicknames| Haru-chan, Lamb, My Lady and My Princess

|Age| 17

|Race| Human

|Gender| Female

|Type Blood| O ((same type that Yui-chan))

|Height| 158 cm

|Birthday| September 15

|Horossope| Virgo

|Hair| Reddish-orange / Pink

|Eyes| Golden green / Yellow

|Appearance| She has short, reddish-orange hair and  golden green eyes in the game, manga and anime. She is also of medium-short height. She often dresses in green attire.

|Personality| She is a shy, honest girl, shown to be rather restless and possesses an optimistic personality. Whenever she is unlucky or having a bad day, she remains confident. She's a very hard-working girl who has an ability to move people's hearts. She has been dubbed as the "Goddess of Music" because of her composing and ability to create beautiful music. She is rather naive and a klutz, but she makes up for it with her perseverance and her efforts to become a great composer. She afraid of ghosts, but not much of vampires

|Likes| Play piano, compose, sing and cats

|Dislikes| Darkness and ghosts

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Name: Kanato Sakamaki

Race: Vampire

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Purple with whitish tips

Personality: Aggressive when needed, Sweet

Likes: Teddy, Yui's blood

Dislikes: Yui fighting against him when he is hungry

Siblings: Laito, Ayato, Reiji, Shu, And Subaru
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Name: Laito Sakamaki
Eyes: Green
Personality: Of a pervert,calm
Likes: Yui's Blood
Dislikes: people that don't fight back
Loves to Eat: Takayoki
Loves to Drink: Blood
Blood Type: Unknown
Nicknames: Laito-kun,Laito-sama,Pervert
Siblings: Ayato,Kanato,Shu,Reiji,and Subaru
Other Accounts: Yuma "Loki Laevetin" Mukami,Kou Mukami
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