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Attention Ingress agents: don't miss the battle for control of Tulare County in the California heartland. Join us for a revolutionary two-part MU and AP competition on Saturday, June 29th to determine the fate of the "Gateway to the Sequoias." 

For rules and important details please see:

Map of Key Portals for the "Hold the Fort" event:

Carpools recommended. Don't be afraid to ask if anyone else from your area is considering attending!

Visalia is one of the oldest cities in central California, and is located three hours from San Francisco and Los Angeles. It will be hot, so dress accordingly. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are nearby. If you've never been and are free on Sunday after the event, a visit is highly recommended.

For confidential planning, strategy, key swaps, and carpools, please join:

 Resistance - Operation Tule Rift:

Tule Rift Enlightenment Strategy Room:
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