I think it would be interesting to give ships stress and calamities.

+Adrian Thoen are you planning on introducing more playbooks? The game rocks for doing Firefly/Expanse/Dark Matter style games. I was wondering if there was some room for a Captain Kirk style character. The current playbooks are good at what they are designed to do. I feel there are a few archetypes missing. Any future plans for more?

What if a Foible, when activated by a player, was just a fail?
Space Master says, "You can head back into the gambling hall and waste your furlough time, if you want."
Player says, "Oh wow, my foible about easy creds are hard to pass up might kick in here. Sure, I'm activating my Foible. I fail to resist, and I'll mark my advance (which in this game means XP). Hit me with the bad stuff, Space Master."

I have ongoing ID campaign and I finally managed to single out thing that was bothering me for some time, but which I couldn't pinpoint.

There is something wrong with moves lists - the issue is, they are visually to similar and at the same time there is lot of them - that results in problems when we search for right move list on the table (or ship playbook). In AW I can tell basic moves from battle moves or special moves sheet with one glance - you can see it by the layout. Here it's more problematic.
Did anyone else have this problem during play?

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I got to go on +1 forward with +Richard Rogers and discuss PBTA improvisational play and Impulse Drive. I really enjoyed chatting with Rich, and the short scene we played was a blast. Down with the Heterodox!
I'm thrilled to announce the latest episode of the (ENnie nominated) +1 Forward is out! This one features Impulse Drive, a game in active development by +Adrian Thoen that you can download from Drive Thru RPG right now!

Our sponsor is Queen City Conquest. This amazing con is coming to Buffalo on 8th - 10th September. Find out more here: http://queencityconquest.com/

Gauntlet Con, the premiere online RPG convention from the wonderful folks at the Gauntlet community, is coming October 20-22! Track updates here:


Hello! I was looking for a sci-fi PbtA game and found Impulse Drive, I just played my first session and it was a blast. I have a question though about a move.
A player in my game is playing as an Intellect. He's an expert in Engineering, technology, and devices; and Programming, artificial intelligence, and cyberspace.

There have already been a couple situations where the Intellect wanted to hack or break into an electronic device, and I don't know what to roll for that. I was thinking maybe it would be Act Quick, but the character has low Slick; it would make a lot more sense for that roll to be Calculating. What move would be appropriate?

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Today the Intercontinental Group of Awesome played the 7th and final session of the Impulse Drive half of our Colony Ship Series.


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Impulse Drive 3.4 is released on DrivethruRPG.

Check out the quickstart Pilot Episode document for a more streamlined introduction to the game.

Here's the chagelog:

16/05/2017: Modified Oncoming Storm to prevent a short and disruptive cycle of gaining Storm and Stress.
28/05/2017: Added Intellect Move, The Kovacs Paradigm.
Combined all Handouts into 1 document, added a table of contents and a reading guide.
08/06/2017: Created Pilot Episode Quickstart document to make playing Impulse Drive for the first time or for a one-shot faster and easier.
Changed Archetype Special Moves to be named after the particular Archetype, to avoid confusion with Special moves in other sections of the rules.
Rewrote sections on gear slots, changed starting Gear so that all Archetypes start with 3 items of gear.
Added rules for Chameleon and Tactical cloak to Infiltrator’s Background moves for easier reference.
Added Liquid Assets rules to Villainy Background on Scoundrel Playbook.
Changed references to Payday to better reflect Ship Payment Moves for clarity.

I'm designing a quickstart handout for one-shot play, and finding a lot of the stuff I'm doing to make starting the game faster may make a better default.

Making information more accessible for common questions for character creation, and removing some choices.

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I ran a one-shot of Impulse Drive 3.3 yesterday in preparation of running it at Games on Demand at Origins Game Fair in a few weeks. We engaged a few moves I haven't used before, specifically Negotiate Terms, Payday, and Hey Big Spender.

It was a rocking three-person game and I'm digging the current version of the rules overall.

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