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Note: Any knowledge gained here is out of Rp only, and only use to stop anything from being non-canon as a result of no knowledge of how the machine works.

Name: Seeker

Class: Recon/Assault

Speed: 65 Mph

Ability: High sound sensors, especially quick reflexes with being able to move in any direction with swiftness and ease.

Equipment: 50 Cal. Mini gun, 16 seeker proton rockets, high voltage energy shield shaped like a sphere, and 3 inch thick steel armor.

Origin: A hybrid creation made by ??? and ??? as a prototype to be revise as these machines are deployed with the soul purpose of hunting down and killing every last human. The more the machines get destroyed, the more they be revised and made even more terrifying in power.

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I fight this Capra Demon in some ancient ruins deep in a forest, I back away and circle it while I hold my uchigatana and a black iron shield with carvings on it
+Phil The Wandering Hero 

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Name: HolyNova Lucario (Or just Nova for short)

Species: Lucario (somewhat)

Age: 437+

Level: 100 (Spent many years training and have taken part in a 5 year war and I have lived for over 400+ years)

Gender: I am male

Likes: Companionship

Dislikes: Zoroarks, jerks, narcissists, cruel people

Personality: A cool, calm and collected individual who can easily switch moods based on the situation. Can be very comedic at times and has a good sense of humour.

Role: Vagabond/Hero

Bio/Back story: (sorry if the bio is too long) I was a rather weak Lucario at first but a lot of things happened to change that, which I am grateful for. 
At a very young age when I was a Riolu, I witnessed many deaths of friends and family at the hands of one particular Pokemon which was a Zoroark. I was one of the few lucky survivors of that day and the closest to losing my life. The scar on my left eye is a reminder of that. Because of this scar I was hated and shunned by my fellow Lucario and Pokemon a like, being called "The one that should". As a Lucario I got into many fights but have been beaten, destroyed and utterly humiliated by countless Pokemon even though most of them shouldn't have stood a chance. Most would think I would have given up and fall into deep depression because of the hatred and malice people have towards me. Multiple Lucario have either called me a "disgarce" a "worthless piece of garbage", but I ignored their insults and strived to become even better, and become acknowledged for a good reason. My only hope was to protect every Pokemon, human a like from any dark, destructive forces like that Zoroark that threaten the peace. I always thought "I need to become stronger...not only for myself, but for the innocent people and Pokemon who are mistreated...".
All I ever wanted was to "soar", "soar" even further to greater heights and unobtainable power, with a pure and caring heart devoid of any dark intentions. Don't get me wrong, I ain't a saint.

After 10 years since I became a Lucario, a war broke out which engulfed the continent I am from (Asger) into a bloody chaotic catastrophe. The war was caused by one organisation or cult I am still searching for to this day which I believe had a connection to that Zoroark. Me and my clan of Lucarios fought countless battles to survive and protect the "Forest of Alph" only for our clan members to fall one by one (We never even had time to mourn their deaths). 5 years have passed since the war began and my clan and I were on our last legs. Chaos was ruling Asger, everyone lost hope of a resolution to the war and some lost the will to fight. But not me. Other Lucarios and Pokemon were shocked in how far I progressed and started to see me in a new light. They all acknowledged me and started to see me as a comrade rather than a "thing". But suddenly a large dark entity of unknown origin wiped out 5/10th of the current population of Asger. My entire clan was part of that 5/10th...Rage and hatred started surging out of me like a storm and I cursed the gods for making this world hell and taking away the things most dear to me. I finally gave up hope, I didn't care whether I died or not...I just wanted to be alone. But Arceus in his divine glory appeared before me admiring my tenacity enduring my life struggles and my strong sense of justice, even though I just given up. He offered me a chance to save the world I hold dear. I asked him why cant he save it, why most it be me? He said he is unable to intervene because he has no power in getting involved in the war of mortal beings. He told me not to give up and to stay true to myself and believe that one day there will be peace in this world. He talked about stories of other Pokemon like me and said how they inherited a small fraction of his power to test the choices they make and see whether they are worthy of receiving the title "Arceus' First Hand". He told me the history of the cycle of hatred in the world and how it has lead to this catastrophe and gave me a choice whether I want to become the Pioneer of peace for this world or a Pokemon that just follows the waves of life. I chose to become a Pioneer of peace, to stay true to my ideals of bringing peace to this world, to cast away and vanquish all evil and hatred in this world, even if it costs me my life. Arceus bestowed upon me the power of "Divine Assimilation" or a Mega evolution of some sorts but no ordinary Mega Evolution, a one that is totally unique to me and which makes my dreams become a reality. Arceus vanished and gave me new life and named me "Nova". With the newly gained power I have required I quickly vanquished the dark entity that threatens the world...but not completely. Fragments of its influence still roam around the world, waiting to surface again.
Finally I gained the power I need the power to protect the ones dear to him, the power enough to wipe out all dark forces in this world. With the wings created by my dream to someday soar the skies to greater heights and watch over all I became a Pokemon of legend, a Pokemon one can rely on and can put their faith on. I am the First hand of Arceus, HolyNova Lucario!

Type: ??? - I am neutral to all attacks but immune to ??? type. ??? type moves are super effective to all types but ??? type.

Height: 5'03" - 1.58m

Weight: 126.8 lbs - 57.5 kg

Ability:  Nova Force - Grants the user infinite PP in attacks and increases the chances of abilities in moves to be activated by 50%.

Moves: -Nova Rush (???) - POWER:120 ACCURACY: 80 PP: 5/5 User lets loose power and launches a devastating flurry of punches and kicks that may flinch and/or paralyze foe.
-Aura sphere (Fighting) - POWER: 90 ACCURACY: --- PP: 20/20 Fires a sphere filled with aura. Cannot miss.
-Nova Shield (???) - POWER: --- ACCURACY: --- Defends against all incoming attacks without fail. May lower user's DEF and SP.DEF
-Thousand Suns (Rock) - POWER: --- ACCURACY: 55 PP: 15/15 A one-hit K.O move. User calls upon the power of the ancients to unleash a scorching white light that can obliterate anything in it's path.

Base Stats
Normal State stats:
HP: 80
ATK: 115
DEF: 60
SP.ATK: 115
SP.DEF: 60
SPE: 110

HolyNova form stats:
HP: 80
ATK: ???
DEF: ???
SP.ATK: ???
SP.DEF: ???
SPE: ??? (Stats measure up to the combined stats of opponent or group of opponents x10)

Weakneses: I am weak to Noble Phantasms and God slayer magic. I am also allergic to Zoroarks

*Oh by the way I currently have a limiter placed around my chest area so my power is cut by 30%*
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Hey +Sir Phil The Knight Of The Wind  , i think u should pick a better photo , which defines what we are

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I walk across this meadow with a Riolu walking at my side
+Sir Phil The Knight Of The Wind 

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Real Name: Aryarishi Sikdar
Knight Name- Green Thunder Lion
Species- Human
Kind of Knight- An assassin knight, was and english knight, later joined the Continental Army
Likes- Assassins, Gaming
Dislikes-Templars, bad guys
BIO:I was a English Knight before fighting, when we colonized the americas, I joined the revolution and became  knight of the Continental army. I love all knights except Templars, cause they are my enemies as i am an Assassin.
REASON FOR JOINING: My friend +Sir Phil The Knight Of The Wind 
invited me
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I sit on the ledge of that mountain with lava pouring out and flowing under me I sit and relax taking a breather from fighting

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