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Guidelines for Posting

Please read these guidelines before you post here.

The Focus
The focus of this community is to help each other improve our technology resumes and portfolios. Resumes suck, so let's call them developer stories ( But for any technology related field so how about technology stories. Or portfolios.

The Goals
This community aims to help members connect and find opportunities to improve their portfolios. Whether it be through collaborating on open source projects, learning new skills and publishing blogs\articles or finding and participating in new communities we improve our portfolios by shipping our work for others to see.

1.) Say Hi in Introduce yourself thread.
2.) Post a link to your current portfolio or developer story ( in My Story thread. Browse through others to get an idea of what people are doing.
3.) If you have specific questions related to how you want to level up post in Q/A or Looking for projects.
4.) Attend one of the weekly Google Hangout Q/A sessions.
5.) Identify a specific path to level up your portfolio and do it!
6.) Post what you have learned or done in Humblebrags or Something I have learned.
7.) Be a mentor and help others level up!

No Spam
If you post blatant spam in the community, you will be banned and reported to Google. Boom.

Link Dumping & Promotion
Link dumping is posting a link without contributing additional thoughts. If you link dump, your post will be removed without explanation. Constantly posting your content and nothing else is generally frowned on. If you want to talk about your work here, please use the Humblebrags or Something I have learned categories and do so in a way that adds real value to the community we are trying to build here.

If you have questions about the guidelines, feel free to ask them in comments below. Please +1 this post as a show of your support for these community guidelines.

Thank you!!

Hey there! My name is Paul, and I have been working for Zac at Salt since 2015. I started out as just an intern learning code and some basics, and now I'm the Team Admin and a research assistant! I also help produce the podcast Leadership in Tech.

When I'm not working I spend time with my wife and kids, 11, 10, 9, 5, and 1! My wife and I are also getting ready to launch a new comedy podcast of our own soon, just something fun for us to do together.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!

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Here is my story! I am still working on it but here is the main parts. Definitely need to find a better picture ^_^
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